Addressing Wires

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📖INFO: To be able to approach every subject under Electrical Schematics, such as inserting wires, components, contacts of a component, linking accessories, and others, in a neater way, we have created several sample projects and you can check them in the following path: C:\ProgramData\AE\BASE\QCCfg\Samples

ARES Electrical offers a quick and simple way to address wires.

Once you have two wires with the same TAG and disconnected from each other, AE, with the execution of the following command, creates indicative arrows to show the connection between these wires of different positions (pages, lines, columns).

Why do you need to address the wires?

As you know, a project can encompass many pages. The circuits found in them include several connection points. In more complex designs, it can be nearly impossible to find the origin or continuation of a wire without wire addressing.

While working on designs, you will notice several situations like the one pictured below. You will have the command wire and power cord, but they occur several times on different pages of the project.

Address the pages in a project…

  1. Go to the Home Tab;

  2. Execute the command Address.

Now the wires in your design are all addressed.

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