Kudo release notes 1.171
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New Functionality-

  1. Mention users: Users are being significantly enriched in their collaborative efforts by the introduction of the "Mentioned users" feature.

    In the commenting feature, there's an improvement to include the ability to "Mention" users from the organization.

    Additionally, the mentioned user will receive email notifications to stay informed.

  2. Improvements in Onshape Sharing

    1. Sharing permissions are now synced with the native onshape storage.

    2. Add, update, and unshare options are available.

    3. Public links are available for files


  1. Dimensions become less distinct as you zoom in.

  2. Enhanced the display and resolved rendering problems.

  3. Blocks are not highlighted when placing smart dimension

  4. Paperspace becomes distorted when zooming.

  5. In the Block Attribute Manager (BATTMAN), the text justification is not being updated.

  6. The layers are not automatically sorted by their name.

  7. Translation issues for the recently added menu have been successfully resolved.

  8. In the German language, the RICHLINE, POLYLINE, SPLINE, and LINE commands cannot be closed with the letter "C."

  9. In the "LAYER MANAGER," the "Continuous Solid Line" cannot be reassigned.

  10. The background thumbnails in the folder are not updating in the system options.

  11. Issues related to paste have been successfully resolved.

  12. Kudo gets stuck when trying to use the "Pick angle between items" button in the Circular Pattern feature while working on a drawing.

  13. In the Layer Manager, the layer renaming does not take effect when clicking the "OK" button.

  14. When adding a comment to the block entity, the entity is not highlighted.

  15. Kudo experienced a crash when attempting to paste the entity as a block.

  16. Unable to download project/folder - Onshape storage

  17. The user suggestion list for sharing permissions does not recognize the updated profile name.

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