Kudo release notes 1.173
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New Functionality-


    1. Added support for "PICKADD" system variable

    2. PICKADD button in the property palette

  2. Vertex Point Support in Mleader setting

  3. Replaced all the SVG icons and PNG icons

  4. Improved the color contrast of the selection windows

  5. Ability to clone the sharing data with the file


  1. Inconsistent behavior in preview thumbnail images

  2. The "Update Role" button is accessible within the permissions dialog for projects in Trimble Connect

  3. The Users page's sorting function is not functioning as expected.

  4. The opening time for specific files has increased by a factor of 10.

  5. In the Drawing Compare Palette, the "filter" option is lacking hatch text.

  6. The functionality of entity selection is not operational after switching back to the model from the sheet.

  7. Kudo experiences a crash when a user is mentioned in the description after including a title.

  8. The UI of the comment palette becomes distorted when pasting direct HTML data into the comment description.

  9. The user mention is not included in the description for "Picture Recording."

  10. In the context of layers, applying properties to all layers by selecting them results in the properties of the first layer being uniformly applied to all others.

  11. The default layer selection in the Layer Manager differs from the currently activated layer.

  12. The user-mention feature displays inverted commas around the username.

  13. The mentioned user is not visually distinguished as a link; it appears the same as regular text without any highlighting.

  14. Mentioning a user between the names of previously mentioned users yields unexpected results.

  15. The spline closes unexpectedly when editing the starting vertex of the spline.

  16. In the context of pattern creation with a path, multiple blocks are positioned at a single insertion point.

  17. The creation of leaders in MLEADER does not align accurately with the specified vertex point input.


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