Kudo release notes 1.175
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New Functionality-

  1. The "remove recent file" feature has been implemented.

    By implementing these requirements, users will have a more flexible and personalized experience managing their recent files in Kudo.

  2. New UI for Profile page

    Enhance the UI of the profile page to increase its utility for end users and improve the representation of information

  3. Improved Files Uploading

    In our previous Kudo versions, file uploads were restricted to a certain limit; however, in the current version, this limitation has been lifted, allowing users to upload files of larger sizes. Additionally, significant improvements have been made to the UI. These enhancements offer users a more transparent and efficient uploading experience.


  1. When entities are pasted from the clipboard using "Paste to Active Layer," it initiates the Line command.

  2. The user mentioned disappears from an existing comment when saving a new comment thread.

  3. The alignment of text in the dimension palette is not as expected

  4. Commenting: The description is not visible for picture recordings.

  5. PICKADD: The specified value is not retained for the session.

  6. Layer: In the layer panel, the line weight options for "2.00 mm" and "2.11 mm" are duplicated.

  7. Layer: Kudo crashes when selecting the "New Layer" button while searching for keywords in the search box.

  8. LAYERSTATE: Kudo crashes when attempting to change the color of layers within the layer state.

  9. The generation of line types is not accurate.

  10. Recent File: After saving a drawing, a new preview tile does not appear if the previous preview tile for that file was removed earlier.

  11. Kudo encounters a rate limit exceeded error when opening a drawing, particularly if the user has an extensive collection of fonts in the resources.

  12. The owner loses the rights to the drawing when the collaborator mentions the user in the comment - OneDrive for Business

  13. The file recently created is not visible in the file list within the specified account on ARES Kudo Drive.

  14. It is not possible to save the drawing if the user gets editing rights when the drawing is already open by a shared link - ARES Kudo drive

  15. The folders and files cannot be renamed.

  16. The fields cannot accommodate long first and last user names.

  17. The Permissions dialog box fails to load for Trimble Connect projects.

  18. Block Library: When opening a link from an email notification for a shared block, a blank page is displayed.

  19. There is an issue with the connection to Trimble Connect Storage; it does not establish successfully.

  20. The storage status for Kudo Drive is not updating accurately.

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