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How to prevent Page block editions.
How to prevent Page block editions.

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Within the ARES Electrical software, there is a function that allows the blocks on each page to not undergo any changes throughout the development process of an electrical project.

With this tool, page blocks will not be deleted while the option of preventing editions to page blocks being enabled, thus bringing more practicality and security when developing your projects, preventing blocks from being removed throughout the development of your projects using the software.

In this article we will see 'How to prevent Page block editions', so that the blocks are not deleted or removed from the schematics.

Follow the steps below to block editions or disable this function:

How to prevent Page block editions...

  1. Go to Manage Tab;

  2. Electrical Settings...;

  3. Unlock changes if needed;

  4. Pages section;

  5. Block page edition> Change the option to 'Yes' or 'No';

  6. Then OK.

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