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Connect ARES Trinity with Microsoft SharePoint

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Connecting Microsoft Sharepoint is mostly straight-forward, but there are a few points to consider:

  1. Connection requires user to have a business account (same as onedrive for business) and sharepoint existence

  2. In some cases, admin consent is/may be required for enterprise MS storages users . ( To give consent, the organization's admin should go into Kudo's storages page and click "AC" button near "Onedrive for business" storage. Consent will be given for both Onedrive for Business and Sharepoint connections for all users in the organization.

  3. Sharepoint operates in terms of sites and libraries. So once connected -> the list of sites is present (see image below).

  4. Once you go "into" the site -> you'll see document libraries in that site (see image below)

  5. Inside the library you'll see regular folders and files that you can open, edit etc. (see image below)

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