ARES Kudo Release Notes - v1.179
Written by Gautham Gamkaranahalli Narasimhamurthy
Updated over a week ago

New Features:

  • Ribbon
    The Ribbon is a set of tools grouped under different menu options designed to help the users to quickly find the commands needed to complete their task. Ribbons menu bar has tabs which has the tools separated by Drawing creation, annotation, layer management, references, etc.

  • Support copying dimension style comparison data
    Read more about it here

  • QRCode support/ CLOUDFIELD command
    Quick Response codes (QR codes) are square-shaped grids that store information that can be read by digital devices, such as scanners, mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

    You can place scannable QR codes on your drawings to point to the URL of a shared drawing in an easy way, without having to write or type the URL.

    The CloudField command lets you place QR codes and links on your drawing. The command automatically generates the necessary data linked to the QR code or the link, that you can place on your drawing at the desired location.

    You can place QR codes in a specified location or insert them in fields. QR codes are visible in drawing sheets and on the printed drawing.

Bug Fixes:

  • LineWeight display is not same like ARES Commander

  • Hatch: "Specify entities" button is not select the entities when entity is preselected

  • Layer: The line style is not updated without refreshing the drawing

  • Dynamic Block - stabilization

    • Entity previews

    • Grips

  • Unable to Paste Selected Entity to Active Layer'

  • Broken linestyle when toggling LineStyleGen from properties palette

  • INSERTBLOCK: The block insertion preview is not as per the drawing units

  • Dimension: The line weight does not reflect on the dimension when placing it.

  • Kudo stuck and crashes when opening files having Xrefs

  • IMPORTDGN stabilization

    • Layer list

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