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Graphics Performance

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Graphics Performance

In ARES Commander 2025 SP0 version, you can find new options that allow you to change settings in order to achieve better Graphics Performance.

These news settings can be found under OPTIONS> System Options> Performance / Graphics:

So what do these new options address?

"Use smooth line display"

Antialiasing is fully integrated. (Note: This option may increase load on CPU and GPU, therefore in devices with older configurations or barely meeting the System Requirements may struggle, hence for these cases, we recommend that this option is left unchecked).

"Use animated and fast zoom"

It allows the display of scaled preview when performing ZOOM, if the Graphics area is not fully regenerated on time.

"Cursor regeneration level"

If you experience "entity(ies) flickering" or slow/not smooth cursor movements, lower the (time) interval for regeneration.

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