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G-Electrical System Requirements (for DraftSight 2021 and beyond)Minimum and Recommended System Requirements for G-Electrical.
Getting to know the interfaceDiscover the G-Electrical interface. Interface, User interface, Graphics area, Palette, Command window.
Create a new projectHow to create a G-Electrical new project. Project, Create new document, develop project, Pages, Group Pages, template file, dwt.
G-Electrical DraftSight Plugin ActivationRegister and Activate your G-Electrical. Activation, license, activate plugin, installation.
G-Electrical SQL Setting up a connection with the databaseG-Electrical, Knowledge base , How to, Plugin, Electrical, Setting up a connection with the database, SQL Installation, database.
G-Electrical Knowledge BaseExplore the G-Electrical Knowledge base.
G-Electrical SQL Shared Database ConnectionSet the G-Electrical Database.
G-Electrical SQL Database Import/Export file directories and system optionsSend files to other users and share your system options with another computers.
G-Electrical SQL Database Connection ProblemsTroubleshooting G-Electrical Database Connection issues. Database, connection, connection problems, SQL, installation.
G-Electrical SQL InstallSQL Express Installation for G-Electrical Database.
G-Electrical DraftSight Plugin: Guide and Help filesG-Electrical, DraftSight, Plugin, Guide, Manual, Knowledge Base, Reference
E-bookTraining manual, Manual, How to use, Getting started, Start, download, e-book.
Opening a projectElectrical project, Open a project, open, project, design, dwg file, dwg, how to open.
Save a projectSave, Save project, Save design, Project.
Set the configuration file (.cfg).cfg, configuration, configuration file, template, electrical settings.