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Error 5004 - Wrong Host for Authorization. The HostID in the License doesn't Match... FIX
Error 5004 - Wrong Host for Authorization. The HostID in the License doesn't Match... FIX

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(Windows Only)

This error my be triggered by WiFi settings. The Mac address of the Ethernet network adapter sometimes changes, when you disconnect from your network or restart your computer. To solve this problem we will try change the activation source and use your hard disk serial number for the license key calculation. Please see the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Download the following archive from here.

  2. Extract it to a temporary folder and execute the included fx_GetHostIds.exe.

  3. Send us the fx_GetHostIds.txt-file created. The resulting file contains a listing of all found hostIDs, which our activation library can use.

  4. On base of the fx_GetHostIds.txt- we can generate a new .lic license key file.

  5. Once received, save this .lic license key file under c:\ProgramData\ARES Commander Edition\ and ARES Commander should be activated correctly.

Notes / Restrictions:

The mechanism that uses the hard disk serial number as calculation base for the license key works for Windows OS from ARES Commander 2014 SP1 (Build 14-2) onwards.

The new version of the requires the installed Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2017 x86 redistributables. It is installed together with ARES Commander 2022 x86. If these x86 redistributables are missing, please download them from a Microsoft website. They are for free.

The hard disk ID option is viable only for physical computers. Virtual machines cannot provide a hard disk serial number, therefore this process will not be viable.

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