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Below you can find the Historic of Release Notes (per version/release).

ARES Commander - Update Notes

A new version of ARES© Commander is available. Before installing the new version, please uninstall your previous version using the Uninstall feature of your operating system.

Build No. (SP1.1) - Released 25/07/2022

  • Print, export and sheets:

    • Fixed the issue related to BATCHPRINT with system printers where nothing is print out.

  • Application stability improvements:

    On this release many areas was improved to avoid unexpected behaviors that lead on close the application, below a summary.

    • General issues on Graphics Area as rendering, cursor handling or caching

    • Print out

    • UI updates

    • BIM features: selecting callouts

Build No. (SP1) - Released 07/06/2022

  • Open and Save:

    • Improvements to open files with specific Architectural entities.

    • The RECOVER command was improved to make possible display entities in a specific drawing.

    • Fixed crash when closing all documents.

  • Print, export and sheets:

    • The BATCHPRINT received improvements to print specific files, fixed the issues that shitfed to left print output, don't print transparencies when set on page layout selected.

    • Fixed the issue on Sheet Set Manager where the stamp wasn't printed on the "Publish" function.

    • Viewports created on other dwg editors are displayed on the wrong scale.

  • Geometry draw or modification:

    • New command MEASUREGEOMETRY available.

    • When Move or Copy entities unwanted circles are displayed.

    • Application hangs using Shift Key to unselect entities on TRIM command.

    • Command ALIGN doesn't provide the right result in some scenarios.

    • Application closes when the hatch command starts with a mouse over a XLine.

    • Entities with constraints crash the application on command ARRAY.

  • Blocks and Data extraction:

    • The -INSERT command was always replacing the block when used in a LISP expression.

    • It was not possible to extract attributes from blocks with multileader.

    • Field text does not follow the height defined in active text style.

  • Annotations:

    • Application crash on modify "Overall Scale" on Multileaders.

    • Cell Table height increases when editing cells with date type.

    • Extra decimals displayed in the cell that sum values from other cells.

    • The cell format is changed when copy/paste the table in another drawing.

  • Graphics System:

    • Closed polylines with global width do not display correct join.

    • Drawing parts wasn't correctly displayed in the shade move.

    • The spline entities were incorrectly displayed with LINEWEIGHT turn-on.

    • Some entities disappear according to the zoom and pan.

  • User Interface:

    • In some cases the input box is not near the current mouse position.

    • The workspace names weren't translated on save workspace dialog.

    • Window selection with shift key is not working.

  • BIM Features:

    • This release supports import Rooms created on Revit models.

    • The Import process was improved to increase performance and support IFC and Revit that had some problems to be imported on previous releases, the same improvements are valid for the "Reload" function.

    • Refresh functions were fixed to preserve filters and current view on BIM Drawings, other wrong behavior fixed on after refresh was displayed again some dimension chains deleted.

    • BIM Drawings was improved to display walls with round shape and for now on should only allow unique names.

    • The issue with editing the "Properties" tab on Dimension Style when accessed via the "Edit Dimension Style" button was fixed.

  • Cloud and Commenting:

    • If the application crashes with a file opened from cloud storage the next time file is opened as read-only.

  • API and Customization:

    • LISP Function tblobjname fixed.

    • Plug-In inherited from IExtensionApplication display message unresolved assemblies.

  • Help improvements:

    • Fixed Japanese translations for some topics (i.e. filletedges, editsolid, loft).

    • Shortcut Ctrl+4 for SSM is not present on "Keyboard Shortcuts".

    • The topic about "Additional format" from Fields was improved to reflect the current UI.

  • Application stability improvements:

    On this release many areas was improved to avoid unexpected behaviors that lead on close the application, below a summary:

    • Match Properties

    • Mass Properties (ACIS)

    • DataLink

    • BIM features: to import models or create 2D drawings

    • Cloud Storage and Commenting

    • Print out and Print preview

    • Viewport with Annotation scales

    • General issues on Graphics Area as rendering, cursor handling or caching

    • UI: Dimension Style and Color boxes

    If you are facing issues that are crashing the application, please use the Crash Report tool to let us know about and if possible it's always good write on comments steps to reproduce the problem.

Build No. (SP0) - Released 01/04/2022


Contextual Ribbon Tabs - The ARES Commander user interface is now enhanced with contextual ribbons that are displayed when you select specific entities in the graphics area, or when you use certain commands for creating new entities.

ARES Commander offers contextual tabs for the following operations:

  • Creating and editing hatches

  • Editing table cells

  • Editing PDF and DGN underlay

  • Editing images and external references

  • Editing annotation entities, dimensions, leaders, multileader, and tolerance symbols.

Data Link Manager - Lets you link a table created within a drawing to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.

  • DataLink - Displays the Data Link Manager dialog box.

  • UpdateDataLink - Updates data from an established external data link.

Cycling Selection - Lets you selectively specify entities that are close to or on top of other entities.

View Navigator - The View Navigator is a two ring widget displayed by default in the top-right corner of the graphics area. The View Navigator lets you switch between standard and isometric views of your model with a single click.

  • ViewNavigator - Turns the View Navigator on and off and controls where it displays.

Drawing Sheet Sets

  • PackAndGo - From the Sheet Set Manager palette, you can create a package from an entire drawing sheet set or subset, or from a single drawing sheet.

  • Drawing Sheet List Table - A drawing sheet list table displays as hyperlinks the titles of all drawing sheets from the drawing sheet set. You can create a table of contents inside the drawing listing all subset sheets.

  • Publish PDF, DWF and DWFx - To improve the ways Sheet Set Manager can export the drawings was to introduce the support to DWF and DWFx, that are format files highly compressed if compared to DWG files and easy to transmit on the internet. And the well known PDF format can be used to export Sheet Set drawings, making it a neutral format easy to share with users that don’t have access to a DWG editor.

Split Multiple Entities - Split command enhancements. The Multiple option lets you select multiple entities and break them at their intersection points with cutting lines. No gaps are created and the split segments remain on the drawing.

New command AlignX - Aligns a set of specified entities according to the first selected one.

Annotation Monitor - As the project evolves, changes may cause the loss of the associativity between Dimensions and their related entities. The Annotation Monitor lets you identify dimensions that have lost their associativity with related entities.

Smart Calculator Palette - The Smart Calculator now displays in a side palette, allowing you to perform calculations and edit the drawing at the same time.

Dark-Style dialogs boxes - All dialog boxes support the dark-style interface.

Open and Save file dialog boxes - Let you navigate through your local drives and your Cloud Storage accounts.

Unified Sharing and Permissions Dialog - The look and feel of the Permissions dialog box have been updated; the changes include new button alignments and resizing.

New system variables:

  • ANNOMONITOR. Turns on and off the Annotation Monitor.

  • SELECTIONCYCLING. Controls the display of the cycling selection stack icon and the list for selecting overlapping entities.

  • DISPLAYVCUBE2D. Controls the View Navigator's display when the 2D Wireframe ShadeView mode is used.

  • DISPLAYVCUBE3D. Controls the View Navigator's display when the a 3D ShadeView mode is used.

  • NAVVCUBEDISPLAY. Controls the View Navigator tool display in the graphics area according to the current Shade View mode.

  • NAVVCUBELOCATION. Specifies the corner in which the View Navigator displays in the graphics area.

  • NAVVCUBEOPACITY. Specifies the level of opacity for the View Navigator when inactive.

  • PROPOBJLIMIT. Limits the number of entities that can be changed at one time with the Properties palette.

BIM Features

  • BIMSection: Each drawing created from the same BIM model is stored in a separate .dwg file. Drawings and labels display rooms and spaces properties that are already defined in the BIM model (for example, the name or the area).

  • PackAndGo: You can create a package from an all files related to a BIM project.

  • Unify Materials: When adjacent entities, such as two walls, have the same material, the hatch representing the material is displayed as one entity.

  • Multi-Component Walls (IFC only): Now, the Material Mapper provides support for multi-component walls. Whenever the BIM object is a multi-component wall, it will be represented with its different layers and you can assign a different style for each material (for example, the insulation with one specific hatch, and the bricks with another).

  • Rooms and spaces: Rooms and spaces are an important part of detailed plans. Now, drawings and labels display rooms and spaces properties that are already defined in the BIM model (for example, the name or the area).

  • Revit 2022 File Format Support: With support for the Revit 2022 file format, ARES Commander 2023 enables users to create BIM drawings from the latest RVT files.

Build No. (SP3.1) - Release 25/01/2022


BIM: Cannot specify the section depth correctly when ortho is switched ON. (DESKTOP-95528)

BIM: New functionality to restore view title. (DESKTOP-127073)

BIM: Section command does not work well with non-standard UCS. (DESKTOP-127281)

COPY: Improved performance for copy and paste operation in some conditions. (DESKTOP-127542)

DCL: Crash related to nested DCL dialogs. (DESKTOP-126791)

LAYERS: Application crashed when the current layer is ADSK_CONSTRAINTS. (DESKTOP-127479)

LINETYPE: Fixed multiple crashes related to linetype entities. (DESKTOP-127312)

LISP: Improve getenv and setenv function to have access to the QNEWTEMPLATE variable. (DESKTOP-127013)

LISP: Visual LISP reator was not working properly. (DESKTOP-126274)

LISP: vl-exit-with-value function didn't work properly. (DESKTOP-127825)

PALETTE: Palette position is not restored to primary after unplugging the secondary display. (DESKTOP-118021)

PALETTE: The custom palettes content wasn't scale correct. (DESKTOP-124856)

PASTE: Improved feedback to users on time consuming operations. (DESKTOP-127696)

PRINT: Drawing was cut off for some paper sizes in inches. (DESKTOP-129098)

PRINT: Japanese vertical characters were displayed horizontally on print and preview. (DESKTOP-128860)

QINPUT: Lost the input value when press Tab key. (DESKTOP-127163)

RIBBON: Fixed conversion from CUIX for buttons that have some kinds of LISP expressions. (DESKTOP-127086)

RIBBON: Improved the button alignment when importing CUIX files. (DESKTOP-129479)

ROTATE: Application crashes when cursor moves to end point while ROTATE command is running. (DESKTOP-127897)

SHOWSTARTPAGE: Some message on the dialog wasn't translated to Japanese. (DESKTOP-127215)

TEXT: Text notes were displayed in the wrong position. (DESKTOP-126375)

ZOOM: Some entities disappear depending on linetype. (DESKTOP-127291)

Build No. (SP3) - Release 18/11/2021


BIM: "Pack and Go" support package BIM project files. (DESKTOP-120165)

CLOUD STORAGE: Features that require saving on cloud ask user to do that when start the feature. (DESKTOP-91680)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Add support for Windows 11. (DESKTOP-125751)


BIM FILTERS: Filter field does not display the selected property value. (DESKTOP-123545)

BIM FILTERS: Increase dropbox width for filter values. (DESKTOP-123907)

BIM IMPORT: Reload process is not working for Revit files on MacOS build. (DESKTOP-125535)

BIM IMPORT: Visibility and Lock are changed after use reload operation. (DESKTOP-123881)

BIM: Crash when assigning custom discipline to a model. (DESKTOP-123196)

BIM: Display wrong message about drawing saved with earlier version in some situations. (DESKTOP-123214)

BIM: Material representation is adjusted accordingly BIMUNITLENGTH variable. (DESKTOP-125727)

BIM: New icon to show what drawings required refresh after modifications. (DESKTOP-124267)

BIM: Reload function is not working when it has more than one BIM model. (DESKTOP-126886)

BIM: Section creation doesn't work with orthomode turn-on. (DESKTOP-125979)

BIMDRAWING: BIM Dimensions are displayed in the wrong position after exporting the drawing. (DESKTOP-120001)

BIMDRAWING: View label is showing the drawing title instead sheet name. (DESKTOP-113476)

BIMDRAWING: View labels and callouts fields are not updated when copy the file by saveas. (DESKTOP-119987)

BIMLABEL: Labels are not placed at the correct position if the model is rotated. (DESKTOP-123471)

BIMLABEL: The custom grips were not working correctly. (DESKTOP-121243)

CLOUD STORAGE: Crash on zoom xref area when open the same file for a second time. (DESKTOP-122668)

CLOUD STORAGE: Does not ask to save the modified drawing on closing it when cloud storage connection is lost. (DESKTOP-104029)

CLOUD STORAGE: Random crash when open files in view-only mode. (DESKTOP-99940)

COMMANDS: Crash when click on graphical area after calling a non-suitable transparent command. (DESKTOP-94554)

COMMENT: Crash on logout after opening a file with a comment thread. (DESKTOP-125503)

COPYMULTIPLE: Crash when trying to window select entity in graphical system. (DESKTOP-113605)

FIELD: Fields are not visible in shade view mode. (DESKTOP-53236)

HELP: Not display images on Drawing Compare help topics in Asian languages. (DESKTOP-125492)

IMPORTDGN: Performance improved during import of specific DGN files (DESKTOP-107325)

LICENSE: All license dialog options are disabled under resolution 1600x900 and text size is 150%. (DESKTOP-107024)

LICENSE: License dialog shows wrong 32 days left for trial period when no internet connection available. (DESKTOP-109292)

LOADCUSTOMIZATION: Adjustments on load application order. (DESKTOP-126124)

MENULOAD: CUIX import process is missing some ribbonpanel tags. (DESKTOP-124578)

MERGELAYER: Fixed greying button after adding new merge of layers. (DESKTOP-109674)

OFFSETX: Application crashes when trying to create an offset of a block. (DESKTOP-100047)

PALETTE: Title bar goes out of the screen when active palette in "Auto-Hide" mode. (DESKTOP-110023)

PDF: Reduce PDF files size for some cases. (DESKTOP-120314)

PRINT: Geometry is shifted when the print ranges change from "All geometry" to "Sheet". (DESKTOP-125009)

SETUP: Alias path is not migrated from previous installation. (DESKTOP-76528)

SHEET SET: Crash if repeat "Sheet name". (DESKTOP-123183)

SHEET SET: Crash when run "Rename and Renumber" in a specific case (DESKTOP-115810)

SHEET SET: Crash when trying to renumber a sheet view. (DESKTOP-123224)

SHEETS: Crash on specific drawing switching between sheets. (DESKTOP-125678)

TABLE: Cell content reappears after delete. (DESKTOP-123645)

TABLE: Formulas are not applied correctly. (DESKTOP-123647)

UI: Application crashes sometimes when moving across monitors and they have different resolution and text size settings. (DESKTOP-111209)

UI: Dialog is broken when moving it from secondary to primary monitor and scale is different on two monitors. (DESKTOP-122670)

UI: The list of recently opened files no respect the limit, keep increasing. (DESKTOP-117229)

XTRATOOLS: Invalid selection for Xtratools commands if active command was not terminated. (DESKTOP-88457)

ZOOM: Zoom operation is not smooth when drawing a pline with text linetypes. (DESKTOP-121238)

ZOOM: Zoom operation is not smooth when the sheet has multiple viewports. (DESKTOP-121232)

Build No. (SP2.1) - Release 05/10/2021


BIM: Crash on changing annotation scale after "Reload from" (DESKTOP-124054).
BIM: Model is not updated after replacing using "Reload from..." and active filters (DESKTOP-123363).
DWGSTANDARD: Drawing can't be saved after check drawing Standards (DESKTOP-123466).
DYNAMIC BLOCKS: Change attribute values were not working (DESKTOP-122876).
DYNAMIC BLOCKS: Not display correct the properties table (DESKTOP-122875).
EXPORT: Export as CDR/DES file formats is not available on the menu (DESKTOP-124580).
HATCH: Crashed when stretching a gradient hatch (DESKTOP-123642).
HELP: Help does not open from palettes and dialogs in some languages (DESKTOP-123409).
LISP: getcorner function performance improvement (DESKTOP-121142).
PRINT: Selected paper size not corresponding to what was saved on page layout.(DESKTOP-124256).
XREF: Crash when reloading the missing reference drawing (DESKTOP-121336).

Build No. (SP2) - Release 18/08/2021

New Enhancements:

CLOUD STORAGE: The palette received some small changes on layout to improve usability (DESKTOP-103573).
EXPLODETEXT: The command was added on Xtratools "Classic" menu (DESKTOP-104694).
PASTE: Add option to paste at source position on mouse right-click (DESKTOP-94242).
TABLET: New option to enable or disable Tablet support (DESKTOP-105659).

ANNOTATION SCALE: ARES crash when add or remove annotation scale (DESKTOP-121361).
ATTACHDGN: Crash attaching DGN file (DESKTOP-107324).
BIMDIMENSIONSTYLE: Crash on executing command after rename the dimension style and change style via properties (DESKTOP-109390).
BLOCK: Lines inside block do not display correct line type (DESKTOP-115766).
CECOLOR: Some colors are considered invalid (DESKTOP-114779).
CLOUD STORAGE: DXF files stored on cloud can't be saved back. (DESKTOP-106854).
CLOUD STORAGE: Fixed "Share Options" button is not enabled (DESKTOP-111188).
CLOUD STORAGE: Fixed crash when try save a file open from cloud storage and the file was removed by the user (DESKTOP-99041).
CLOUD STORAGE: Fixed the user can't logout after saving the file (DESKTOP-107392).
COMMENTS: No notification from comments in Kudo to Commander on a newly created drawing (DESKTOP-115370).
CONTINUEDIMENSION: Dimension text is incorrect on CCS changed (DESKTOP-43220).
CUSTOM BLOCK: Some entities disappear when saving a custom block (DESKTOP-99716).
CUSTOM BLOCK: Using EGrips on custom block edit mode makes the hatch unassociated (DESKTOP-106362).
CUSTOMIZE: The dialog size is not automatically updated when clicking on "Show ribbon explorer" (DESKTOP-106797).
DIMENSION: Angular dimension text is rotated 180 degrees when moved (DESKTOP-90460).
DIMENSION: Edit dimension style makes dimension invisible (DESKTOP-106422).
DYNAMIC BLOCKS: Entities incorrectly change the position when a block is modified. (DESKTOP-110223).
ESNAP: Wrong esnap selection using Tab key and QuickInput is turn-off (DESKTOP-108592).
GROUP: Copy not selectable groups create extra groups (DESKTOP-45115).
HATCH: "Origin point" in the hatch grip wasn't working (DESKTOP-56563).
HATCH: Boundary entity is not displayed after use trim command (DESKTOP-81935).
HATCH: Don't display AR-SAND and AR-CONC hatch patterns in specific situations (DESKTOP-104442).
HATCH: Hatch pattern origin setting a different origin point does not impact the result. (DESKTOP-107674).
HATCH: Move entities leave the hatch distorted in specific situations (DESKTOP-104901).
LISP: nentsel function fixed to wait user input if there is pre-selection (DESKTOP-52296).
MLEADER: It's not displayed on other CAD applications when the scale is not 1 (DESKTOP-59226).
NCOPY: Fixed crash when trying to copy from reference drawing (DESKTOP-107954).
NCOPY: The command created geometry on drawing even when canceled (DESKTOP-113140).
PALETTE: Improve update time when resizing palette width (DESKTOP-111016).
PALETTE: Improved to keep the width when changing from float to dock (DESKTOP-111194).
PRINT: Missing geometry on output printing with system printer (DESKTOP-112151).
PRINT: Stretched output for some geometry in viewports (DESKTOP-112152).
QUICK INPUT: Fixed behavior where entities not following mouse direction if CCS is changed. (DESKTOP-95598).
RECOVERY: Fixed incorrect message when open parallel session on first session (DESKTOP-77860).
SCRIPTS: Print command output can't be saved on drawing location (DESKTOP-95937).
SPLINE: Fixed incorrect highlighted entity after join using splinedit command (DESKTOP-110148).
SPLINE: Fixed the continuity broken at closed fit point (DESKTOP-100084).
STARTUP: ARES Commander running on Linux Mint distro is unable to launch when connected to the internet (DESKTOP-113167).
STARTUP: Crash on start with dual monitor connect in Linux OS (DESKTOP-91879).
TEXT: Some annotative simplenote entities move when the file is reopened (DESKTOP-94431).
TEXT: TrueType Fonts display improvements for jagged texts (DESKTOP-52888).
TEXT: Wrong position for texts with middle alignment after move command (DESKTOP-117382).
TRIM: Improved performance to trim hatches (DESKTOP-110918).
TRIM: Polyline converted into spline ignores cutting edges in Trim command (DESKTOP-47017).
USER INTERFACE: Fixed behavior the try display the dialogs and other dialogs on monitor unplugged (DESKTOP-110682).
ZOOM: Improved performance on specific cases (DESKTOP-98500).

Build No. (SP1.1) - Release 14/07/2021


1. The text position of text justify Middle is wrong. (DESKTOP-117382)

2. Some colors are recognized as <<Invalid>> for CECOLOR command.(DESKTOP-114779)

3. Lineweight for lines and note is thick when the drawing file is printed out using Adobe PDF or DocuWorks.(DESKTOP-114689)

4. PRINT: Rendered geometry in viewport is stretched on output when print with system printer. (DESKTOP-112152)

5. PRINT: Geometry in viewports is missing on output when print with system printer (like "Microsoft print to PDF"). (DESKTOP-112151)

Build No. (SP1) - Release 26/05/2021


  1. FILLET command: Functionality added to fillet spline entity with line and ellipse.(DESKTOP-43045; DESKTOP-106926)

  2. SPLINEDIT command: Join option is added to combine spline with other entities. (DESKTOP-103474)

  3. SHOWSTARTPAGE: The status message about License Type and Subscription Expiration Date is improved. (DESKTOP-91169)

  4. CLOUDSTORAGE: Password protection assistance added for View only dwg sharing option in ARES Commander.(DESKTOP-91457)

  5. UI Scaling adjustment improved when move the application on a screen with lower scaling.(DESKTOP-106657; DESKTOP-106658)

  6. The cursor display issue with some unwanted objects on specific system is fixed.(DESKTOP-52520)

  7. FIND command: Functionality to find and replace the text in block attribute value improved.(DESKTOP-103560)

  8. ATTACHIMAGE command: The insertion size of Tiff images improved.(DESKTOP-87025)

  9. PRINT to DWF: Printing of drawings with print range “Window” option improved.(DESKTOP-109050)

  10. FIELD command: The display and printing of PlotDate field is improved.(DESKTOP-109036)

  11. The performance issue of cursor movement on complex 3D drawings is fixed.(DESKTOP-107319)

  12. Custom Blocks: fixed issue that hide stretch grip after change visibility (DESKTOP-110808)

  13. CLIPIMAGEM command: restore image frame when deleted (DESKTOP-110289)

  14. Performance improvement to switch between sheet tabs (DESKTOP-110007)

Build No. 2021.0.1.1245 (SP0.1) - Release 01/04/2021

New Commands:

  • Editing Commands
    - EditSpline. Modifies the parameters and properties of Splines or converts spline-fit Polylines to Splines.

  • Working with Drawing Files
    - DrawingCompare. Displays the Drawing Compare palette which lets you visually compare two drawings and identify changes that occurred from one version of the drawing to another. HideDrawingCompare hides the palette.
    - DrawingHistory. Displays the Version Manager palette. Lets you compare the current drawing with previously saved versions maintained by a supported Cloud Storage. HideDrawingHistory hides the palette.

  • Drawing Sheet Sets
    The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for creating, organizing, and managing drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set.
    - SheetSet. Displays the Sheet Set Manager palette. HideSheetSet hides the palette.
    - NewSheetSet. Opens the Create Drawing Sheet Set wizard which lets you create drawing sheet sets based on existing drawings that contain sheets.
    - OpenSheetSet. Loads drawing sheet sets (.dst file) into the Sheet Set Manager palette.

  • Building Information Modeling (available for Win 64bit, MacOS and Linux)
    - BIMSection. Creates section, elevation, and plan drawings from a BIM model.
    - BIMMaterialMapper. Displays the Material Mapper palette which lets you map BIM material names to the material available in the BIM Drawings Materials Styles Library.

  • User Interface
    - ModelBackgroundColor. Lets you specify the background color for the graphics area. ToggleXPStyle. Controls the appearance of Windows dialog boxes, such as Open and Save.

  • Exporting and Importing
    - ImportSTLasMesh. Imports stereolithography files (STL) and inserts the contained geometry as subdivision mesh objects (SubDMeshes) into the drawing.

  • Printing
    - PageLayoutIn. Imports user-defined page layouts contained in other drawing files (.dwg), drawing exchange files (.dxf), or drawing template files (.dwt) into the current drawing.

  • Utility commands
    - AppCast command. Displays notifications about Service Packs and Updates for the application in a dialog box.

  • NCOPY Command
    Duplicates drawing entities that are contained in a Block or a Reference and places copies of them at a specified location.

New Features:

  • Checking spelling as you type. Lets you check the spelling of text entities as you type, both for SimpleNotes and for Notes.

Modified Features and Commands:

  • Spline command enhancements. Splines can be defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. Accordingly, you can apply two corresponding methods. The implementation of the Control Vertices method lets specify control points, not fit points through which the Spline passes.
    New options of the Spline command include:
    - Fit points method, Knots option. Determines the method used to fuse the curves between consecutive fit points within a Spline.
    - Control vertices method, Degree option. Specifies the degree for subsequent Spline constructions. You can create Splines of degree 1 (linear), degree 2 (quadratic), degree 3 (cubic), and so on up to degree 10.

  • Print dialog box redesigned. Additional options available on the main dialog box instead of a subdialog.

  • Fields support for Drawing Sheet Sets. You can use Drawing Sheet Set custom properties as fields in your drawings, for example in title blocks.

New System Variables:

Spline creation and editing

  • SPLMETHOD. Determines whether the fit points method or the control vertices method applies when creating Splines.

  • SPLDEGREE. Determines the default degree setting for subsequent Spline constructions.

  • SPLKNOTS. Determines the default knot computational method for the Spline command when the fit points method is active (Knots option).

  • PLINECONVERTMODE. Determines whether Polylines are created with linear or arc segments when converting Splines to Polylines.

Sheet Sets

  • SSFOUND. Returns the sheet set path and file name in search result.

  • SSLOCATE. Specifies whether the sheet set associated with a drawing is located and opened together with the drawing.

  • SSMAUTOOPEN. Controls the Sheet Set Manager behavior when opening a drawing associated with a sheet.

  • SSMPOLLTIMES. Sets the time interval (in seconds) for refreshing the sheet status in a sheet set.

  • SSMSHEETSTATUS. Specifies the refresh method of the status data in a sheet set.

  • SSMSTATE. Returns whether the Sheet Set Manager is open or closed.


  1. SPLINE: New EDITSPLINE command added for modifying spline properties.(DESKTOP-42907)

  2. IMPORTPDF command: PDF files paper size and PDF scale information added in dialog box.(DESKTOP-96128)

  3. New VERSIONHISTORY palette added to compare the current drawing state with previous version of cloud storages drawings.(DESKTOP-92789)

  4. DRAWINGCOMPARE command: Undo/Redo functions support added to check previous state of comparison.(DESKTOP-87623)

  5. SHEETSET command: Support of Architectural, Civil, Mechanical and others drawing sheet set templates added.(DESKTOP-87939)

  6. VIEWS command: Functionality added to highlight the selected boundary area in graphics area.(DESKTOP-85156)

  7. REFEDIT command: “Prompt to Select Nested Blocks” option added which will allow to select a particular entity from a nested block.(DESKTOP-97231)

  8. BIM: New BIMDIMENSIONCHAIN and BIMDIMENSIONEDIT commands added for BIM entities dimension.(DESKTOP-99231; DESKTOP-103433)

  9. BIM: BIMDIMENSIONSTYLE dialog added to modify dimension chain properties.(DESKTOP-103430)

  10. BIM: New BIMLABEL command added to add labels on BIM categories.(DESKTOP-104182)

  11. FILED command support of BIM entities selection added.(DESKTOP-103823)

  12. PRINT: Functionality added to replace "DWG To PDF.pc3" Page layouts drivers with ARES PDF built-in printer under OPTIONS.(DESKTOP-95404)

  13. Cloud Storage palette: New folder added for deleted files to restore or delete permanently files from RMB.(DESKTOP-98030; DESKTOP-103806; DESKTOP-103805)

  14. New Online help palette added to access the products articles and tutorials within application.(DESKTOP-102458)

  15. PALETTES Icons and toggle functionality of palettes added.(DESKTOP-100372)

Build No. 2020.3.1.4078 (SP3.2) - Release 11/02/2021


  1. Administrative installation feature added to ARES Commander 2020 - Pass NLM Client lic settings to the setup.(DESKTOP-106479)

  2. TRIM Command: Improvement with boundary handling.(DESKTOP-105480)

  3. Performance improvement for the cursor movement, when entities are selected.(DESKTOP-104363; DESKTOP-105102)

  4. IMAGE Command: Support the insertion of JPEG-images.(DESKTOP-104856)

  5. Three crash dump fixes and crash handling improvements.(DESKTOP-103713; DESKTOP-103711; DESKTOP-105267)

Build No. 2020.3.1.4072 (SP3.1) - Release 05/01/2021


  1. LISP entmod function hang issue with OLE objects fixed.(DESKTOP-100548)

  2. Entity selection issue on specific drawings fixed.(DESKTOP-100407)

  3. Circle creation issue using Tangent option fixed.(DESKTOP-100388)

  4. Print issue of hatch pattern when the boundary includes text fixed.(DESKTOP-101727)

  5. Custom block deletion issue using PURGE command fixed.(DESKTOP-100264)

  6. EXTEND command failure issue on paper space with polyline as a boundary fixed.(DESKTOP-103432)

  7. Linear pattern issue with zero angle value fixed.(DESKTOP-97190)

  8. Entity deselection issue using ESC-key on specific drawings fixed.(DESKTOP-100511)

  9. Internet access issue for News panel and Maps plugin fixed.(DESKTOP-100262; DESKTOP-100263)

  10. LINUX: Fixed an issue related to the inability to double-click a second file to open it. (DESKTOP-91711)

Build No. 2020.3.1.4058 (SP3) - Release 04/11/2020


  1. Printing Functionality added for PRINTSTAMP fields for PDF built-in printer.(DESKTOP-43588)

  2. ISO/ANSI/ARCH Full Bleed Paper sizes are added for PDF build-in printer.(DESKTOP-75962)

  3. BATCHPRINT command option added to select whether Model tabs only, Sheets only, or both are included for printing.(DESKTOP-88403)

  4. The PDF file size creation on built-in printer PDF printer improved.(DESKTOP-96086;DESKTOP-85513)

  5. Entity snapping of scaled block objects improved.(DESKTOP-91007)

  6. The display of OLE of specific objects improved.(DESKTOP-93602)

  7. Drawing performance on cursor movements over spline objects improved.(DESKTOP-88060)

  8. The user interface handling for specific custom menu files improved.(DESKTOP-97437)

  9. PAN command issue fixed. The pan icon remained in the graphical area, while using the mouse middle button.(DESKTOP-96401)

  10. The scaling issue of annotative block references fixed.(DESKTOP-92254)

  11. The performance of TRIM and EXTEND commands improved for hatches.(DESKTOP-91583;DESKTOP-95415)

  12. PROPERTYPAINTER command functionality improved for dimension styles.(DESKTOP-96134)

  13. LISP entget-function improvements done for OLE objects.(DESKTOP-96522)

Build No. 2020.2.1.3407 (SP2.1) - Release 16/09/2020

New Functionality:

  1. Sheet Set Manager - New Tabs for Model Views, Sheet Views and Import Layouts(DESKTOP-88604;DESKTOP-88603;DESKTOP-87933)


  1. A freeze/hang in the EXTEND command with lines in specific drawing is fixed.(DESKTOP-93716)

  2. EDITANNOTATION: Value disappears, when editing it via double click.(DESKTOP-92223)

  3. TRIM command: Performance issue with trimming a simple polyline is fixed, if specific hatch exists in the drawing.(DESKTOP-91583)

  4. Dimension style is not changed, when a leader and a dimension are specified for PROPERTYPAINTER (MATCHPROP) command.(DESKTOP-96134)

  5. Block reference is not faded although the layer on the block reference is locked.(DESKTOP-91013)

  6. A part of pattern (array) entities are not displayed.(DESKTOP-90456)

  7. The Maps Plugin is missing in an OEM product. (DESKTOP-96945)

  8. HATCH: Hatch gets removed from the area which is covered by text on editing with the help of EGrip when created with "Ignore island detection" on.(DESKTOP-83711)

  9. Hatch position is not changed, when you modified the dynamic block.(DESKTOP-95287)

  10. LISP: The application hangs, when repeating the loop to rotate an entity.(DESKTOP-95575)

  11. LISP: Problems with a specific Lisp example and the execution of commands, while switching drawings tabs is fixed.(DESKTOP-94033)

  12. VB.NET: Status of SelectImplied() is always PromptStatus.OK.(DESKTOP-96083)

Build No. 2020.2.1.3032 (SP2) - Release 05/08/2020


  1. Functionality implemented to display the opened cloud storage files in Recent Documents List.(DESKTOP-91643)

  2. New MODELBACKGROUNDCOLOR command introduced, which set the background color of model space.(DESKTOP-92484)

  3. Sheet Set Manager: Sheet set data FIELDS are added.(DESKTOP-87942)

  4. Sheet Set Manager: PDF printing option integrated for sheet sets.(DESKTOP-89620)

  5. Functionality implemented to define the quality of raster images and vectors data for built-in PDF printers.(DESKTOP-77846)

  6. IMPORTPDF command scaling of inserted PDF files improved.(DESKTOP-76852)

  7. ZOOM command: The performance of drawings having different Linetypes improved.(DESKTOP-85586

  8. BIM: BIMANNOTATION and EDITBIMANNOTATION commands are added in Ribbon.(DESKTOP-93050)

  9. BIM: Material Mapper added to map BIM drawings materials from ARES material library.(DESKTOP-91681, DESKTOP-94908)

  10. Markups: Support of 3 new image format types ( .bmp, .gif & .jpeg ) for picture recording. (DESKTOP-91155)

  11. Markups: Functionality added to download the picture recordings in other image format types.(DESKTOP-91747, DESKTOP-94128)

  12. ARES Mechanical: New AMSCALEXY command added to scale the objects independently along the axis.(DESKTOP-90698)

  13. ARES Mechanical: New AMCLINEL command added to toggle lock/unlock layer for the construction line.(DESKTOP-90696)

  14. ARES Mechanical: The Power Snap function commands and their settings are integrated under Options.(DESKTOP-90702)

  15. ARES Mechanical: Functionality implemented to change the scale of objects automatically with drawing title block scale.(DESKTOP-87029)

Build No. 2020.1.1.2033 (SP1.1) - Release 25/06/2020


  1. The open performance for drawings improved if the Map plugin for ARES Commander was loaded.(DESKTOP-94196)

  2. A help switching issue is fixed under the different language settings.(DESKTOP-94082)

  3. Multiview blocks - Show only one plan symbol now, if multiple symbols for different standards exist in the BIM object.(DESKTOP-94067)

  4. The symbols in BIM drawings are displayed independently of the BIM models source language.(DESKTOP-93828)

  5. The text height of multileaders became bigger on double-click, when afterwards the create note button was used.(DESKTOP-90964)

  6. Improvements in the DISCARDDUPLICATES(OVERKILL) command for geometries with certain overlapping arcs.(DESKTOP-76960)

Build No. 2020.1.1.2024 (SP1)- Release 20/05/2020

New Commands (Windows only!):

  • Building Information Modeling(Windows 64-bit version only!):

  • BIMSection. Creates sections, elevations, details and plans from the BIM model. Materials are taken into account.

New Features (Windows only!):

Sheet Set Manager. You can use sheet sets to group sheets and manage or archive sheet sets as a unit. The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for organizing named collections of drawing sheets.The following commands are available:

  • SheetSet. Displays the Sheet Set Manager palette.

  • SheetSetHide. Hides the Sheet Set Manager palette.

  • NewSheetSet. Opens the Drawing Sheet Set Creation wizard and lets you create a new sheet set.

  • OpenSheetSet. Opens the specified .dst file and lists the contained sheets and sheet subsets in the Sheet Set Manager palette.

Batch Print option lets you print the drawing sheets from a specified sheet set.

Modified features and commands:

Drawing Compare

  • Supports DXF format.

  • Lets you export the comparison result.

Cloud Storage

  • Markups. Lets you display tags for picture recordings.

  • Application Menu has been reorganized(Windows only!).

  • ExportSAT command is available in the application menu: Export > Export ACIS SAT.Import option groups now all import commands.


  1. Drawing Compare command: Supports the new file extension .dxf, .dwt & .dws.(DESKTOP-90809)

  2. Drawing Compare command: Saves the comparison results in a new drawing file.(DESKTOP-86589)

  3. New collaborate menu and panel added to access cloudstorage, comments & markups functions.(DESKTOP-89996)

  4. Markups: Includes new voice recording included with transcriptions display.(DESKTOP-88276, DESKTOP-89212)

  5. Picture Markups: Functionality enhanced to recognize the tags and display full size of picture recordings.(DESKTOP-89211, DESKTOP-89993)

  6. Cloudstorage: Stores the path of previously opened file.(DESKTOP-89932)

  7. SPLINE command: New option to select 2D polylines and convert them into splines.(DESKTOP-88714)

  8. The drawing scale factor can be set in the View Tiles toolbar.(DESKTOP-87695)
    Migration mechanism for PCX-files embedded.(DESKTOP-88959)

  9. Fillet command: Functionality added to select entities by window selection.(DESKTOP-47370)

  10. The display issue of Gravel hatch pattern at large coordinate values fixed.(DESKTOP-46001)

  11. TRIM command: The functionality to trim the entities on large coordinates improved.(DESKTOP-88229, DESKTOP-83413)

  12. SWEEP command: The functionality of sweep command for path entities improved.(DESKTOP-80154, DESKTOP-49027)

  13. MacOS X: The display quality of drawings under Retina display improved.(DESKTOP-77689)

Build No. 2020.0.1.1018 (SP0)- Release 12/02/2020


  • The licensing dashboard is available in the Plugins palette.

New Commands:

  • Drawing:INSERTBASE. Determines the insertion base point for the drawing.

  • Dimension:NEWDIMENSIONSTYLE. Creates a new dimension style from a specified dimension.

  • Constraints:SETCONSTRAINTNAMEFORMAT. Specifies how to display the information in the dimensional constraints.

  • 3D Modeling commands:
    - OFFSETEDGES. Creates 2D entities from the boundary of a 3D solid or surface.
    - CONVERTEDGES. Creates wireframe geometry from the edges of a specified 3D solid, surface, mesh, or region.

  • CustomBlock commands
    - CBCONVERT. Converts dynamic blocks from a DWG file into CustomBlocks.
    - CBWBlockAs. Saves a CustomBlock as a separate drawing with a specified name.
    - Test mode: Lets you test CustomBlock definitions without exiting the Block Editor.
       * CBTESTBLOCK. Lets you check custom blocks in a test window.
       * CBTESTCLOSE. Exits custom block test mode.

  • Alignment element: Specifies an alignment direction for the CustomBlock.

  • Improved activities:
    - Dependent or Independent base point for the Rotate and Scale activity. The Base Type property in the Properties palette lets you specify whether the base point of the Rotate activity coincides with the main point of the Rotation element or is an independent point.
    - Stretch activity: The Overrides category of the Properties palette groups the following properties:
       * Distance multiplier: Lets you specify a factor by which a distance value of an element is increased or decreased.
       * Angle offset: Lets you specify a factor by which an angular value of an element is increased or decreased.
    - Incremental markers for Stretch and Rotate activities.

  • Security command: SAFETYOPTIONS. Lets you control safety restrictions against malicious executable files.

  • Log file commands:
    - LOGFILEON. Writes the contents of the command history to a log file (with .log extension).
    - LOGFILEOFF. Closes the command history log file opened by the LogFileOn.

  • Utility command:COMMANDS. Displays the list of all commands.

New Features:

  • Data Extraction Wizard (Windows only!). The Data Extraction wizard lets you specify a set of entities or blocks and extract property and attribute information. You can display the result in a table on the drawing or save it in an external file that you can exchange with your colleagues. The ExtractData command opens the Data Extraction Wizard.

  • Associative Patterns. Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. Associative patterns let you edit them in their entirety instead of changing the individual items in the pattern.
    - The Pattern command has been extended to allow you to create associative linear, circular, and path patterns.
    - The new EditPattern command lets you modify the shape and appearance of associative patterns. You can also edit associative patterns using specific EntityGrips and the Properties palette.

  • Reshape non-associative hatches using grip points. If you disable the link between the hatch and the boundary, you can directly manipulate the shape of the hatch according to a new boundary configuration using the hatch grip points. Hovering over a grip point on a non-associative hatch entity displays a menu with edit options according to the specified type of grip point.

  • Lasso selection. Lets you select entities by sketching a lasso around entities.

  • Geometric center entity snap. Snaps to the centroid of a closed Polyline, planar 3D Polyline, Spline, Region, or planar face of a 3D Solid object.

  • Hatch Background Color. The following options are new to the Additional Options dialog box:
    - LineColor. Determines the hatch line color.
    - BackGroundColor. Determines the hatch background color.

  • New predefined Layer group filters in Layers Manager palette:
    - Reference. Groups all the Layers of externally reference drawings. The Reference filter is automatically created when attaching external references to the drawing.
    - Viewport Overrides. Groups all the Layers containing property overrides from the current layout viewport.
    - Reference Overrides. Groups all the Layer of externally referenced drawings containing layer property overrides.

  • Save Current Workspace (Windows version only!). Saves the current workspace configuration as a new workspace. The option is available in the Workspace list, on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Reload References option in the status bar. The notification area of the status displays a balloon to indicate that an externally referenced drawing has changed and needs reloading. The options in the right-click menu let you update the references.

  • New shortcuts.
    Ctrl + Pg Up. Moves to the next working space (sheet or model).
    Ctrl + Pg Down. Moves to the previous working space (sheet or model).
    Ctrl + I. Toggles between absolute and relative coordinate during command execution

  • New settings in the Options dialog box:
    - Base Angle Guide display. You can display a guide line along the zero base angle according to the current CCS. (User Preferences > Drafting Options > Display > Polar guides)
    - Display full path in application title bar. Lets you control whether the title bar displays the full path of the active drawing or only the name. (System Options > Open / Save As > Open file > Display full path in application title bar)
    - Rendered entity smoothness option in the Options dialog box lets you specify the resolution of curved surfaces for rendering.
    - Heads-up display delay time. Lets you control the display of the Heads-Up toolbar when selecting entities.

  • Printing.
    - Layers in .pdf files. Options dialog box: Use layers in PDF file (PDF v1.5) option lets you create layers in the PDF file according to the layers in the drawing.
    - Window print range highlight in graphics area.
    - Improved BATCHPRINT command. Lets you group multiple drawings into a single PDF file.
    - Printer property settings. Lets you specify printer specific property settings to be reused for subsequent outputs. Thus you can override settings of the printers installed on your computer. You can save the printer property settings in configuration files with a .pcx extension.
    - Custom paper sizes are available for built-in printer (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).

  • Cloud Storage.
    Comments palette.
        - Type substrings and use wildcards to reduce the number of displayed comments.
        - Option to sort the comments according to the user name.

  • Markups. Lets you add predefined and custom markups to a drawing.

  • Search field. Searches a file across all Cloud Storage services.

  • Building Information Modeling: (Windows 64-bit version only!).

  • BIMNAVIGATOR. Displays the BIM Navigator palette. The BIM Navigator palette groups all tools necessary to import the BIM files and control the visibility of BIM elements in the graphics area.

  • BIMMOVE. Moves a specified set of BIM elements.

New XtraTools commands:

  • SETBACKUPFOLDER. Lets you specify the destination folder for drawing backup (.bak) files.

Modified Features and Commands:

  • FIELD (Windows only!). The Entity option lets you:

  • Display entity properties in text

  • Insert formula fields in table cells

  • Insert a Block placeholder field in a BlockAttribute

  • REBUILDFIELD. The RebuildField command is available in the annotations context menu.

  • ROTATE. Includes the following options:

  • Point option to define a reference angle. Specify two points to define an imaginary line that will be rotated to a new angle.

  • Copy. Lets you create one copy or multiple copies of the specified entities.

  • COPY. The Pattern option of the Copy command lets you create a specified number of copies in a linear pattern. Two methods are available:

  • Create the number of copies at specified displacement, starting with a base point.

  • Create the number of copies evenly spaced between two specified points, in the specified direction using the Fit option.

  • OFFSET. The Gap type option of the Offset command specifies the gap type to fill potential gaps in offset polylines.

  • -DIMENSIONSTYLE. The Status option lets you display the current values of all dimension system variables in the command window.

  • LOFT. The Type option lets you specify whether the lofted entity is a solid or a surface.

  • SWEEP. The Bank option allows the entity to rotate along the specified sweep path.

  • Layers Manager palette. The Option button lets you access the Layer options in the Options dialog box.

Other Updates:

  • CustomBlock Editor is now Block Editor.

New System Variables:

  • ACADLSPASDOC. Determines whether to load the start.lsp Lisp file once at the start of a session with the software or each time when opening a drawing.

  • ARRAYASSOCIATIVITY. Determines whether patterns of entities are created associative or non-associative.

  • ARRAYTYPE. Determines the default array type for the Pattern dialog box.

  • CROSSINGAREACOLOR. Specifies the color of the selection area during crossing selection.

  • DIMTXTDIRECTION. Defines the reading direction of the dimension text.

  • HEADUPTIME. Sets the delay time (in milliseconds) for the Heads-up toolbar display.

  • LEGACYCODESEARCH. Determines whether the Start In and current drawing folders are included or excluded when searching for executable files.

  • PRESELECTIONEFFECT. Specifies how preselected entities are indicated.

  • SECURELOAD. Determines whether the software loads executable files depending on whether they are located in a trusted folder.

  • SELECTIONCYCLING. Controls the display of the Cycling Selection dialog box and the cycling selection icon.

  • SELECTIONAREA. Determines whether the selection areas indicated by a transparent or opaque color fill.

  • SELECTIONAREAOPACITY. Specifies the current level of transparency of selection areas.

  • SELECTIONEEFFECT. Specifies whether selected entities are indicated with dashed lines or with luminous lines.

  • TRUSTEDPATHS. Specifies which folders are trusted to load and run executable files from them.

  • WINDOWAREACOLOR. Specifies the color of the selection area during window selection.


  1. Zoom performance of drawing having hatches and line weights improved.(DESKTOP-85533)

  2. Printing of MPolygon objects on external PDF improved.(DESKTOP-88212)

  3. Weld command: Functionality added to join different group of entities.(DESKTOP-80998)

  4. Table formulation: Updating of formulas improved when source table is modified.(DESKTOP-53113)

  5. "Copy option" is added in Rotate command.(DESKTOP-75570)

  6. Gap type options "Natural, Arc & Chamfer" are added in OFFSET command.(DESKTOP-84298)

  7. Grips and Snapping support are added for Mpolygon entity.(DESKTOP-82531)

  8. OFFSETEDGES command implemented which creates 2D entities from the boundary of a 3D solid or surface.(DESKTOP-75294)

  9. CONVERTEDGES command implemented which creates wireframe geometry from the edges of a specified 3D solid, surface, mesh, or region.(DESKTOP-75292)

  10. New workspace "CAD General" added to make similar UI configuration like other CAD systems.(DESKTOP-82621)

  11. REVCLOUD command: Calligraphy style option is added under cloud styles.(DESKTOP-61687)

  12. "FACETRES system variable" entity smoothness settings are added in Options dialog.(DESKTOP-80172)

  13. "Drawing full path display in title bar of application" settings added in Options dialog.(DESKTOP-50952)

  14. SPELLCHECK command: Functionality added to display red underlines for wrong words.(DESKTOP-49059)

Build No. 2019.3.1.4019(SP3) - Windows Only - Release 19/11/2019

      New Features:

  • Data Extraction - You can extract information from a set of entities to create bill of materials. (DESKTOP-50811)

The Data Extraction wizard lets you specify a set of entities or blocks and extract properties and attributes information. You can display the result in a table on the drawing or save it in an external file that you can exchange with your colleagues.  

The ExtractData command opens the Data Extraction wizard.
The available options let you:
 - Specify the set of drawings or folders.
 - Filter entities
 - Organize the extracted data
 - Specify an output format
  - Format the output data in a table

Use as template any previously created data extraction file to perform the same type of extraction for another drawing.
(The PDF-documentation of  the data extraction feature can be downloaded from here.)

  • New Option in Rotate Command - The Point option of the Rotate command lets you specify two points to define an imaginary line that will be rotated to a new angle.(DESKTOP-48409)

  • New Properties Painter Icon - When active, the PropertyPainter command displays an icon.(DESKTOP-83614)

 Bug Fixes:

  1. Stability improvements, while editing the table text in a specific file.(DESKTOP-85306)

  2. PURGE command improvements for a specific drawing that hangs up.(DESKTOP-84637)

  3. Polylines and arcs disappeared after zoom-in in a specific  drawing.(DESKTOP-83456)

  4. A hang-up issue with the EXPORTDRAWING command on specific drawing was fixed.(DESKTOP-83776)

  5. Display-improvements of polylines in a special drawing for Nvidia graphics adapters. (DESKTOP-8341)

  6. A specific linetype was not displayed correctly.(DESKTOP-85377)

  7. LISP: Command execution error occurred, when "()" was included in dimension text of LINEARDIMENSION (DIMLINEAR).  (DESKTOP-84038)

  8. The XREF Refresh option hangs in a specific drawing.(DESKTOP-85344)

  9. Arcs and blocks are not displayed on specific drawing. (DESKTOP-82248)

  10. The function vl-doc-export error "Error: Invalid parameter." has been fixed.(DESKTOP-83154)

  11. We added the missing fdtu_initdialog function definition in FDTU.H (DESKTOP-82812)

Build No. 2019.2.1.3136 (SP2.1) - Windows Only - Release 30/09/2019

Mainly we improved the stability of the Windows version in this Service Pack 2.1. 

Build No. 2019.2.1.3124 (SP2) - Windows Only - Release 03/09/2019

New Features:

  1.  Grip edit support of non associative hatch pattern added.(DESKTOP-43330)

  2.  MacOS X: Crash reporter improvements for more reliable crash dump investigation.

Bug Fixes:

  1.  SCALE command: Functionality added to preserve last value of reference option.(DESKTOP-80490)

  2.  POINT command: Blank option is added in point style.(DESKTOP-80450)

  3.  LINECOLOR: Preview of Standard colors are added in dialog box.(DESKTOP-80103)

  4.  WELD command: Functionality added to preselect the entities.(DESKTOP-79258)

  5.  RTDISPLAY system variable implemented which controls the display of raster images and OLE objects during real-time zoom.(DESKTOP-78841)

  6.  Display support of Polar tracking guides are added during 3D solids creation.(DESKTOP-75487)

  7.  SETBACKUPFOLDER command added to set a new path for .bak file in a folder.(DESKTOP-59690)

  8.  Functionality added to display the user name in 'Read only file information message box' when file is shared from network location.((DESKTOP-57485)

  9.  Functionality added to change the background color of hatch patterns.(DESKTOP-44086)

  10.  Save workspace option added which saves the current workspace settings into a new workspace.(DESKTOP-75652)

  11.  BATCHPRINT command: Improved stability to print multiple sheets.(DESKTOP-81428)

  12.  EDITPOLYLINE command: Join option functionality added to join 3D polylines.(DESKTOP-53477)

Build No. 2019.1.1.2043 (SP1.2) - Windows Only - Release 12/07/2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. A display issue with line scaling has been fixed.(DESKTOP-82003)

Build No. 2019.1.1.2038 (SP1.1) - Windows Only - Release 04/07/2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. Improvements and fixes for several crash issues (DESKTOP-81345,DESKTOP-80466,DESKTOP-80464,DESKTOP-80457,DESKTOP-80452,DESKTOP-81222)

  2. Entities are not displayed in the correct line scaling. (DESKTOP-81076)

  3. A specific dynamic block (R5039P-DB.DWG) didn't work correctly. (DESKTOP-81066)

  4. *Win 10* Installer of ARES starts when an entity is copied to clipboard by open a drawing file if Setup 2019.1.1.2029 installed over 2019.0.1.1143 (DESKTOP-80584)

  5. Support of the blank option in point styles  (DESKTOP-80450)

  6. LISP Improvement in UCS Command with the option Zaxis (DESKTOP-80116)

  7. 3D ACIS 2019 update (Spatial libraries) (DESKTOP-80074)

  8. It was not possible to open a drawing file in file server. (like \\\shared\test.dwg). This issue has been fixed. (DESKTOP-81598)

  9. Performance improvements in switching between sheets in ARES 2019 (DESKTOP-78921)

  10. Performance improvements of the OPTIONS dialog in a specific file (DESKTOP-78919)

Build No. 2019.1.1.2029 (SP1) - Release 03/06/2019

 New Commands

  1. CustomBlocks commands:

  2. CBWBlockAs. Saves the CustomBlock as a separate drawing file.

  3. -EditBlock. Lets you open a specified Block in the Block Editor (command line version of the EditBlock command).

  4. CBCycleOrder. Changes the grip points cycling order for a CustomBlock reference.

New Features

  1. Layers Manager palette.

  2. Context menu with options for controlling the column size.

  3. Layer Isolate selected layers is available in the Layer Manager context menu in Preview mode.

  4. Improved “Layer Preview” mode. Only transparent commands are allowed.

  5. Comments palette. Comment threads display the Profile Name. Entity comments display the number of entities.

  6. Print Preview is available on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  7. CustomBlock features:Block Editor. Double-clicking a block opens the Block Editor.EditBlock command. The command is accessible from the ribbon. Additionally, the command is available in the Block Editor.CBParameter command. Use the BasePoint option to define one base point element for the CustomBlock reference relative to the CustomBlock geometry.

  8. Customization command. Options to control the workspace behavior.

  9. External References. A message displays when updating an external reference file.

  10. Save to Cloud and Open from Cloud are available in the drawing tab context menu.

  11. ChamferEdges and FilletEdges commands let you specify multiple faces.

  12. CCS command. The Face option lets you align the CCS to a specified face of a 3D solid.

  13. -DimStyle command. The Status option lets you display the current values of all dimension system variables in the command window.

  14. GetBlockInfo command. Option to export as text or table.

  15. Options dialog box:

  16. General Printing. Option to print drawing layers in PDF.

  17. Improved search feature. Finds Model, Background, and Sheet options.

Modified Features:

  1. Renamed EditCustomBlock command to EditBlock.

New System Variables:

  1. DIMTAD. Sets the dimension text vertical position relative to the dimension line

  2. DIMTXTDIRECTION. Sets the dimension text direction.


  1. Layer Properties Manager. Layer predefined filters for References and Viewport Overrides automatically created.(DESKTOP-59064, DESKTOP-59047)

  2. Hatch command. Improved behavior when generating hatches or fills with the same properties as a specified hatch entity. (DESKTOP-46018)

  3. FIND command. The search string can contain brackets.(DESKTOP-75311)

  4. ExportPDF command. Improved print style table selection. (DESKTOP-77390)

  5. ExportSTL command takes into account the resolution for the tessellation and discretisation. (DESKTOP-43063)

Build No. 2019.0.1.1139 SP0.2 - Release 15/05/2019 (Mac Version - Release 28/05/2019)


  1. Stabilization improvements for Japanese key customers

  2. Mac version crash fix at the first start under Mac OS High Sierra

  3. Crash report improvements for Mac OS.


Build No. 2019.0.1.1114 (SP0.1) - Release 28/03/2019

New Features

  • Single Sign-on(SSO) Support for Graebert Products.

  • Enterprise License support via registered domains for key customers.


  • New "VP Freeze"-button didn't work.(DESKTOP-77457)

  • User interface was not displayed correctly after migration from ARES Standard 2018 to ARES Standard 2019.(DESKTOP-77450)

  • AutoSave took long time to finish on a specific drawing file.(DESKTOP-77424)

  • LISP behavior in a specific file for ARES Standard improved.(DESKTOP-76926)

  • ARES Commander hangs due to a graphics driver issue with Intel(R) HD Graphics adapter drivers, while creating basic entities.(DESKTOP-77025)

  • The new Highlight-functionality has be improved for associated "QInput Tracker" and "Entities".(DESKTOP-75582)

  • AutoCAD(R) drawing had a slow performance due to internal referenced entities that couldn't be removed. This issue is fixed.(DESKTOP-44941)

  • Crashes with UNDO after the EDITHATCH command with a specific drawing file have been fixed.(DESKTOP-75795;DESKTOP-76922)

  • A flickering issue with a DCL-dialog and a specific LISP program has been fixed.(DESKTOP-76714)

  • Improvement in Crash Dump handling for Windows

Build No. 2019.0.1.1081 (SP0)- Release 30/01/2019

New Commands

  1. Layer commands:Layer palette. Controls Layers and Layer properties with the Layers Manager palette.LayerDialog. Opens the legacy Layers Manager dialog box which was replaced by the Layers Manager palette (dialog box variant).Layers Manager option: New Viewport Freeze. Lets you create a Layer initially frozen in all Viewports on layout Sheets.MergeLayer. Merges one or more Layers to a destination Layer (dialog box variant).-MergeLayer. Merges one or more Layers to a destination Layer (command window variant).

  2. RollView and RollViewCenter commands:

  3. RollViewContinuous. Rotates the view in 3D space with continuous motion about a specified pivot point.

  4. RollViewFree. Lets you view models interactively in 3D space without constraining the roll.

  5. RollViewHorizontal. Swivels the model view left and right about an imaginary vertical axis.

  6. RollViewVertical. Tilts the model view to your model up and down about an imaginary horizontal axis.

  7. RollViewAutoTarget. Determines how the target point is detected for RollView commands.

  8. 3D Modeling commands:

  9. PolySolid. Draws 3D solid objects in the shape of polygonal walls.

  10. PushPull. Modifies 3D solid objects or bounded areas by extrusion.

  11. ChamferEdges. Bevels the edges of 3D solid objects. Includes Face and Loop options.

  12. FilletEdges (updated). Rounds the edges of 3D solid objects. Includes Face, Chain, and Loop options.

  13. Extrude (updated). Creates solid primitives by extruding closed 2D entities.

  14. Includes Surface and Solid options to determine the type of model to create.

  15. Drawing Recovery commands:

  16. DrawingRecovery. Displays the Drawing Recovery Manager palette to let you recover drawings after unexpected system failures.

  17. HideDrawingRecovery. Hides the Drawing Recovery Manager palette.

  18. Authentication commands:

  19. SignFile. Adds a digital signature to drawing files.

  20. VerifySignature. Checks the digital signature of a drawing for authentication.

  21. RemoveSignature. Removes an existing digital signature from the drawing.

  22. ImportSTL command. Imports stereolithography files (.stl) and inserts the contained ACIS solid objects into the drawing. Counterpart to the ExportSTL command.

  23. MirrorHatch command. Determines whether hatches and gradient fills are reflected or retain their pattern direction when you apply Mirror and Flip commands.

New Features

  1. CustomBlocks and CustomBlocks Editor. Use CustomBlocks when you have several similar Blocks in your project to significantly reduce the drafting time, as well as the number of Blocks that you have to manage and maintain. The CustomBlock Editor is an environment where you can draw and modify geometric entities of the CustomBlocks. Additionally, the CustomBlock Editor provides the tools for adding constraints, elements and activities to the CustomBlock definition.

  2. To open the CustomBlock Editor, use the EditCustomBlock command.

  3. The following commands are available in the CustomBlock Editor:

  4. CBActivity. Creates and applies an activity to a CustomBlock element.

  5. CBActivityIcon. Controls the visibility of the activity icons.

  6. CBActivityTool. Creates and applies activity to existing CustomBlock element.

  7. CBClose. Closes the CustomBlock Editor.

  8. CBOptions. Displays the CustomBlock Editor options.

  9. CBValueTable. Displays the Property Value Table dialog box.

  10. CBElement. Creates a CustomBlock element.

  11. CBElementSet. Creates an element and the associated activity at once.

  12. CBSave. Saves the CustomBlock definition under the current name.

  13. CBSaveAs. Saves the CustomBlock definition with a specified name.

  14. CBHide. Sets hidden entities for the visibility state.

  15. CBShow. Sets visible entities for the visibility state.

  16. CBVisibility. Displays the Visibility States dialog box.

  17. Improved Preview Highlighting and Selection Highlighting. Entities are highlighted when you hover over them (preview highlighting) or when you select them (selection highlighting).

  18. Cycling through entities during selections using Shift + Spacebar. Lets you selectively choose entities that are close to or on top of other entities.

  19. Trimming of hatches. Trimmed Hatches maintain associativity with changed boundary entities, even if they are divided into different hatched areas. Divided Hatches remain as one entity, but you can use the EditHatch command to separate them into individual entities (dialog box option is Create Hatch for each boundary). The same applies to Gradients.

Modified Features

  1. 3D Mouse support. The application detects if a 3D mouse is connected to the computer. The commands 3DMouseOptions, -3DMouseOptions, and 3DMouseButtons are obsolete and were removed.

  2. Plugins command. Opens the Plugins Manager palette to manage application plugins provided by third-party vendors. Replaces the legacy Plugins dialog box. The HidePlugins command hides the Plugins palette.

New System Variables:

  1. LAYERDLGMODE. Determines whether the Layer command opens the Layers Manager palette or the legacy Layers Manager dialog box. By default the palette displays.

  2. ISAVEBAK. Controls whether backup copies (files of type .bak) are created each time you save a drawing.

  3. ISAVEPERCENT. Influences how often the application performs a full save. A full save takes longer than a partial save.

  4. MIRRHATCH. Determines whether hatches and gradient fills are reflected or retain their pattern direction when you apply Mirror and Flip commands.

  5. ORBITAUTOTARGET. Determines how the target point is detected for RollView commands.

  6. PSOLHEIGHT. Sets the default height for the PolySolid command which lets you create a 3D solid in the shape of a polygonal wall.

  7. PSOLWIDTH. Sets the default width for the PolySolid command which lets you create a 3D solid in the shape of a polygonal wall.

  8. RECOVERYMODE. Determines whether drawing recovery information is recorded if the system terminates unexpectedly, such as from a power failure, hardware issue, or software problem.

  9. SIGWARN. Controls whether the Digital Signature Verification dialog box appears each time you attach an external drawing with a valid digital signature as a Reference to the current drawing.


  1. EXPORTEMF command: Visual quality of exported image data improved.(DESKTOP-9)

  2. EXPLODE command: Functionality added to select previously exploded block instances.(DESKTOP-43679)

  3. RECTANGLE command: New "3Point center" and "corner" options for rectangle creation implemented.(DESKTOP-59717)

  4. LOCKLAYER and UNLOCKLAYER commands: Multiple option added to select entities.(DESKTOP-57634)

  5. The creation of POLYGON in 3D (Z-coordinate) improved.(DESKTOP-51)

  6. Help description of SWEEP command improved.(DESKTOP-58507)

  7. SNAPANG system variable settings added to OPTIONS-dialog. SETSNAPANGLE command implemented to set snap and grid angles via command line.(DESKTOP-50111)

  8. Print Dialog: "Inverse" printing option improved.(DESKTOP-52411)

  9. The names of some SHX font files changed to make compatible with other CAD applications.(DESKTOP-52411)

  10. Functionality to select ESnap shortcuts in context menu improved.(DESKTOP-52922)

  11. PASTE command: Display of dimension texts on MS Excel sheets improved.(DESKTOP-66995)

  • Note: Release 2019 can read and write DWG files up to the latest version of this format (R2018). The same applies to DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) files, which store unencrypted drawing database contents.

Build No. 2018.3.1.4065 (SP3) Hotfix - Release 19/11/2018


  1. Pasted entity is wrong and ARES hangs up, when the entity is pasted as a block.(DESKTOP-58651)
  2. MIRROR command: Crash, while mirroring a specific drawing that contains a hatch path pattern.(DESKTOP-60099; DESKTOP-63297)
  3. LISP String function substr does not return the correct value with optional parameter.(DESKTOP-62828)

Build No. 2018.3.1.4063 (SP3) - Release 24/10/2018


  1. APPLOAD command: Functionality added to select multiple lisp files.(DESKTOP-58308)
  2. Design Resources: 'Insert and Redefine' and 'Redefine only' options are added to insert the blocks by palette.(DESKTOP-57162)
  3. Design Resources: 'Opened Files' tab is added in palette to insert the opened drawings properties.(DESKTOP-53160)
  4. BATCHPRINT command: Functionality of group option improved.(DESKTOP-57936)
  5. DIMENSIONSTYLE command: STANDARD dimension style added in metric template.(DESKTOP-58024)
  6. Functionality added to toggle between Model and Layouts by CTRL+PageUp and CTRL+PageDown short keys.(DESKTOP-53159)
  7. FIND command: Functionality added to display all related found texts in search context list box.(DESKTOP-42945)
  8. -SIMPLENOTE command: Text Left justification option added.(DESKTOP-52935)
  9. IMPORTPDF command: Functionality of 'By PDF Layer' option improved.(DESKTOP-50604)
  10. VIEWPORTLAYER command: Functionality to freeze the layer in viewports improved.(DESKTOP-53256)
  11. Migration command: Functionality for support search path files migration improved.(DESKTOP-53161)
  12. OBLIQUEDIMENSION command: Functionality improvements on isomeric drawing.(DESKTOP-58467)
  13. CONTINUEDIMENSION and BASELINEDIMENSION command creation of dimension with selected dimension layer improved.(DESKTOP-52826) 


Build No. 2018.2.1.3136 (SP2) Hotfix - Mac Only - Release 05/10/2018


  1. Application start-up crash issue under the new macOS Mojave (10.14).(DESKTOP-59424)

  2. Display problems with Fix-UI-Mode under the new macOS Mojave.(DESKTOP-59512)

Build No. 2018.2.1.3134 (SP2) Hotfix - Release 05/09/2018


  1. The update handling of dimension texts has been improved, if the system variable DIMLFAC has been changed via dimension style settings.(DESKTOP-58676)

  2. The prompts were not displayed during DPAN(pressed middle mouse button).(DESKTOP-58465)

Build No. 2018.2.1.3108 (SP2) - Release 10/07/2018


  1. The visual quality of referenced images during Zoom-in the drawing improved.(DESKTOP-57121)

  2. The draw order of entities in EDITCOMPONENT command improved.(DESKTOP-52623)

  3. The functionality of SKETCHINC system variable improved.(DESKTOP-53053)

  4. New toolbar 'CCS II' added to change the current user coordinate system easily.(DESKTOP-47)

  5. ESnap of circle on 3D solids during Zoon-in the drawing improved.(DESKTOP-43898)

  6. Editing of simplenote entities in custom coordinate systems improved.(DESKTOP-1504)

  7. PDF printing of Print stamps improved, when printing with transparency option.(DESKTOP-13374)

  8. IMPORTPDF command: Recognition of circle entities improved.(DESKTOP-56159)

  9. The functionality of NUMBERTEXT and MAKELINESTYLE commands improved.(DESKTOP-42752, DESKTOP-55448)

  10. The behavior of 'fast enter' on right mouse click improved.(DESKTOP-57497)

  11. The copy and paste of LEADER dimension on other CAD-applications improved.(DESKTOP-43762)

  12. The editing of TABLE entity improved.(DESKTOP-43785)

  13. MacOS X: FILLET command: The functionality to fillet a circle and a line improved.(DESKTOP-47972)

Build No. 2018.1.1.2107 (SP1) - Release 27/03/2018


  1. VIEWSLIDE command handling of file names including parenthesis in the path improved.(BT#71040,71163)

  2. Alignment of CCS with entities in 3D environment improved.(BT#70135)

  3. FILLET command functionality for polylines with width improved.(BT#62643)

  4. Printing of OLE objects on built-in PDF printer improved.(BT#65373)

  5. ALIGN command functionality to arrange an entity by 3 points improved.(BT#69505)

  6. Functionality added to recognize the Tangent ESnap in the POLYLINE command.(BT#68485)

  7. ROLLVIEWFREE, ROLLVIEWCONTINUOUS, ROLLVIEWVERTICAL and ROLLVIEWHORIZONTAL commands implemented to rotates the view in 3D space.(BT#63345)

  8. System variable ORBITAUTOTARGET implemented to set the target point for 3D Orbit.(BT#68756)

  9. System variable TEXTEVAL implemented to evaluate Lisp functions for NOTE and -SIMPLENOTE commands.(BT#66072)

  10. System variable DIMLAYER implemented to specify the layer for new dimension.(BT#70181)

  11. TRIM/EXTEND command functionality developed to select an individual entity in a block or external reference.(BT#52255)

  12. Sub-option behavior of FREEZELAYER and HIDELAYER commands for External References improved.(BT#66069)

  13. STYLEMANAGER command added, which opens the Print Styles folder for adding/deleting STB or CTB files.(BT#65256)

Build No. 2018.0.1.1089 - Release 18/12/2017

New Commands:

  • Read support for the DWG 2018 file format.

  • Helix. Creates 2D spirals and 3D helixes.

  • Block commands. Contains more tools for Blocks and BlockAttributes.RedefineBasePoint. Sets new base points for Blocks.BlockAttributeManager. Manages properties and settings of BlockAttributes in Block definitions.

  • MultiLeader commands. Uses advanced leader creation and editing.MultiLeader. Creates MultiLeaders based on MultiLeaderStyles.EditMultiLeader. Adds and removes leader lines for MultiLeaders.MultiLeaderStyle. Creates and manages MultiLeaderStyles.

  • ExportTable. Exports tables in a comma separated format (CSV) to import them in spreadsheet or database software.

  • UIStyle. Switches between the dark and light color theme for user interface elements.

New Features

  • Moving entities incrementally. Moves selected entities according to a specified increment when you use the Shift + Arrow keys.

  • Copy entities to the active layer. Copies selected entities to the active layer instead of the source layer while using the Copy command.

  • Paste content from clipboard to the active layer. Copies content from the clipboard to the active layer instead to the source layer while using the Paste command.

  • Formulas in table cells. Lets you use formulas in cells with arithmetic operators and the Sum, Average, and Count functions.

  • Dynamic Custom Coordinate System. Temporarily aligns the XY plane of the Custom Coordinate System (CSS) with a face on a 3D solid object when you create 2D or 3D entities. You can switch the Dynamic CCS feature on and off by pressing F6.

  • Extended 3D solid editing using EntityGrips and the Properties palette. Provides more EntityGrips to modify 3D solid objects. The Properties palette provides more parameters to manipulate 3D solid objects.

New System Variables:

  • CMLEADERSTYLE. Sets the current MultiLeaderStyle for new MultiLeader entities.

  • MLEADERSCALE. Sets a general scale factor applied on MultiLeader entities.

  • UCSDETECT. Controls whether the custom coordinate system aligns dynamically to 3D solid objects.


  1. The User Default Files Settings(located under Appdata/Roaming) can be reset via a Windows Start Menu Entry.(BT#69914)

  2. The POLYLINE command terminates sometimes during PAN and ZOOM on complex drawings(BT#70223)

  3. LISP: Filter list method for implied selection is supported now - (ssget "_I" FltLst).(BT#67917)

  4. LISP: Error handling improved for LOADAPPLICATION and LISP load functions - Missing parenthesis doesn't lead to an error.(BT#65740)

  5. LISP: Window Polygon option of the ssget-function for entity selection improved - (ssget "_WP"...).(BT#69817)

  6. Run script using Copy and Paste from MS Excel.(BT#57311).

  7. PRINT: Wrong output result issue is fixed, when printing "all geometry" in sheets using PDF built-in printer.(BT#69166)

  8. PRINT: CTB print style files of page layouts are loaded automatically, if it is placed in the same folder with drawing.(BT#68996)

  9. UI: New "+" button to add sheets similar to drawing tabs introduced.(BT#66758)

  10. Improved handling for polylines in the properties panel. You can move through its vertices by clicking the triangle button.(BT#55585)

  11. The Scale sub-option Reference of the SWEEP command improved.(BT#38496)

  12. An issue with the Restore option of the -DIMSTYLE command fixed.(BT#69562)

  13. The HATCH command displays a preview of the hatch in the drawing.(BT#68058)

  14. MacOS X: The scaling of inserted images via the ATTACHIMAGE command is AutoCAD compatible now.(BT#64068)


Build No. 2017.3.1.4121 Hotfix(SP3) - Release 13/11/2017


  1. Stability improvements for AutoCAD created drawings and the use of 3D ACIS commands in ARES.(BT#69872)

  2. Display and Print results of a specific polyline are wrong.(BT#69912)

  3. NETLOAD command message output for loading improved. It reacts on the CMDECHO system variable now.(BT#69967)

  4. PAN and Dynamic ZOOM glitch in mouse behavior fixed, when the option Fast Right-Click is enabled.(BT#70096)

  5. Improved security for working and saving directly to local synchronized Google drive folder.(BT#70082)

  6. MacOS X: PRINT command stabilization for printers with define only one paper size in their printer settings.(BT#69853)

  7. MacOS X: Improved display of the annotative symbols in the combo-box of the OPTIONS dialog.(BT#69881)

  8. MacOS X: Problem with the image selection in the PATTERNHATCH dialog fixed.(BT#69924)

Build No. 2017.3.1.4085 (SP3) - Release 09/10/2017


New Features:

  • Read support for the DWG 2018 file format.


  1. Printing improvements for Dash dotted linestyle on PDF printers.

  2. Performance of ZOOM and PAN commands for Batting linestyle improved.

  3. Functionality added to change Entity Snap during command run.

  4. Functionality of Lisp functions (grread) and (equal) improved.

  5. Sorting behavior of newly created layers in Layer manager dialog improved.

  6. The editing of simplenote entities in custom coordinate systems improved.

  7. Functionality of DIMSE1 and ISAVEBAK system variables improved.

  8. TRIM command functionality improved to trim dimensions.

  9. Functionality of SWEEP command for spline entity improved.

  10. VIEWSLIDE command handling of file names without extension improved.

  11. LISP/ActiveX: Added VLA-object parameter to support the Vlax-Ldata-Put/Vlax-Ldata-Get functions.

  12. LISP/ActiveX: (vl-mkdir) function implemented.

  13. MacOS X: Layers, Properties and Styles toolbars added in default application UI.

  14. MacOS X: Switching option of UI style mode (Fixed/Mac) added in Window pull-down menu.

Build No. 2017.2.1.3158(Mac and Linux 2017.2.1.3149)(SP2) - Release 11/08/2017


  1. Print preview and output performance of specific drawings on PDF printer improved.

  2. Print to PDF supports brightness, contrast and fade level settings of drawings files.

  3. Printing improvements for Hatch entities and OLE data on PDF and System printers.

  4. HPLAYER system variable functionality improved and control added in hatch dialog box for creation of new hatches and fills.

  5. Functionality added to change the hatch patterns draw order by the HPDRAWORDER system variable and placement options in hatch dialog box.

  6. XDWGFADECTL system variable: External references fading value controls are added in options dialog.

  7. SCALE command: Functionality added to store last used scale factor value.

  8. Functionality added to use surveyor units in QInput box.

  9. Startup switch added to open custom template files by "/T" option.

  10. Functionality added to modify the scale of a polygonal viewport.

  11. LISP: Functionality for the SELECT command with option Auto improved.

  12. LISP/ActiveX: Added VLA-object parameter support to the vlax-curve functions.

  13. Freeze or thaw layer icons are added in Layer Combo Box for an active viewport.

  14. Attach drawing command: Loading of referenced drawings in custom plane improved.

  15. Performance improvements for the PAN command.

Build No. 2017.1.1.2664 (Linux 2017.1.1.2661) Hotfix(SP1) - Release 01/06/2017


  1. Solves the issue with an OpenGL-Performance problem after a cumulative Windows 10 x64 update (KB 4013429) occurring with the Intel HD 2000 graphics adapter. Mouse movement became very slow.

  2. ARES 2017 crashes when NEW command is issued on a PC which has DWG TrueView 2018 or AutoCAD 2018.

  3. "\n" is not recognized as newline in command function of LISP.

  4. Some grips of dynamic block were not displayed.

Build No. 2017.1.1.2619 (Linux 2017.1.1.2622) (SP1) - Release 15/03/2016

New Features:

  • Graebert Customer Portal provides a new Organization panel with user and permission administration.

  • Graebert Customer Portal provides direct activation for Flex licenses.


  1. Printing of drawings with referenced TIFF images on HP DesignJet printer improved.

  2. GESTURE command: Mouse Gestures icon in Ribbon UI added.

  3. FILLET command: Capability to fillet edges of 3D solids improved.

  4. PDF printing entities on locked layers with transparency improved.

  5. PDF printing quality of high resolution TIFF images and OLE objects improved.

  6. The behavior of OFFSET command for polylines improved.

  7. Snapping for centerline creation improved.

  8. Better visual quality of pasted OLE data from Microsoft Excel sheets.

  9. Ability to select multiple layouts at a time added.

  10. LOADSCRIPT command: Performance of loading large script files improved.

  11. CLIPREFERENCE command: Invert option implemented to hide Inside/Outside boundary entities after clipping the externally referenced drawings.

  12. Behavior of TEXTFRAME and TEXTMASK commands for solid background improved.

  13. Offline activation issue in the customer portal fixed.

  14. MacOS X: Printing improvements of hatch entities on PDF printer.

  15. MacOS X: Display of Chinese texts with SHX bigfont improved.

  16. MacOS X/Linux: Support of the Dark UI style.

Build No. 2017.0.1.1235 Hotfix 2(SP0) - Release 04/01/2017


  1. Additional display improvements under the new dark UI.

  2. The entity snap didn't work always correctly, when the application window was not maximized.

  3. Solves the display issue with a grey and flickering graphic area after Windows security update.

Build No. 2017.0.1.1234 Hotfix 1(SP0) - Release 20/12/2016


  1. Solves the display issue with a grey and flickering graphic area after Windows security update.

Build No. 2017.0.1.1232 (SP0) - Release 05/12/2016

Release 2017 provides the following new commands and features:

Application Administration:

  1. New License Administration. An Online Customer Portal lets you login with your licensing account to manage your license and use it on different devices.

New Commands:

  1. Centerline. Creates Centerlines between pairs of Lines, Arcs, and PolyLine segments. You can set the extension for Centerlines to exceed the entities which define the contour. The specific LineStyle for Centerlines is assigned automatically.

  2. Pattern commands:Pattern command, Path option. Creates copies of specified entities along a path. The path can be a Line, PolyLine, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, or Spline. Alignment options control the resulting pattern appearance.PathPattern. Creates copies of specified entities along a path (command window variant of the Pattern command, Path option).CircularPattern. Creates copies of specified entities in a circular pattern (command window variant of the Pattern command, Circular option).LinearPattern. Creates copies of specified entities in a linear matrix (command window variant of the Pattern command, Linear option).

  3. SplitDimension. Splits dimension and extension lines of Dimension entities where they intersect other entities. You can also join split dimension and extension lines.

  4. EditXBlockAttribute. Modifies the BlockAttribute values and properties of inserted Blocks. Property changes include Layer, TextStyle, and other settings.

  5. SetByLayer. Changes property overrides of specified entities to ByLayer.

  6. ChangeSpace. Transfers entities from Model workspace to Sheet workspace and vice versa.

  7. Auto-Completion of commands:AutoCompleteOptions. Sets options to apply auto-completion of command names and command variable names as you type them. It also displays a suggestion list with command and variable names which contains the sub-string that you enter.-AutoCompleteOptions. Command window variant of the AutoCompleteOptions command.

New Features:

  1. Two User Interface modes. A new "dark" workspace for high resolution graphic devices provides the same look and feel of all ARES products across operating systems. This ARES Trinity mode uses scalable buttons. Optionally, you can still use the traditional "light" UI mode.

  2. Multifunctional EntityGrips. Multifunctional EntityGrips display contextual shortcut menus that let you quickly edit the geometry of entities in place.

  3. PolyLine editing improvements. The following options are new to the EditPolyLine command:Taper. Tapers the width of the PolyLine from the start point to the end point.Reverse. Reverses the direction of the PolyLine.Add vertex to midpoint. Inserts an additional vertex at the midpoint of the next segment.Convert to arc / Convert to line. Converts the next PolyLine segment to an arc if it is a linear segment or to a line if it is a curved segment.

  4. Trimming of Hatches and Gradients. Lets you trim Hatches and Gradients with the Trim and PowerTrim commands. Divided Hatches and Gradients maintain associativity and remain as one entity.

  5. Auto-Collapsing of palettes. Collapses palettes automatically whenever you move the pointer away from the palette. Palettes expand when you move the pointer to the title bar of a collapsed palette. (Windows version only)

  6. Print dialog box improvements. Redesigned the Print dialog box to improve usability. The print preview updates dynamically when you change print settings and shows an optimized preview image before you print.

  7. Dialog Box Layout improvements. Redesigned and rearranged dialog boxes for clarity.

New XtraTools commands:

  1. CopyMultiple. Creates multiple copies of the selected entities.

  2. EditTextCase. Modifies the case style of selected SimpleNote, BlockAttribute, Note or Dimension.

  3. EditTextJustification. Modifies the justification point of selected text, paragraph or attribute entities.

  4. EditTextOrientation. Rotates selected text, paragraph or attribute entities keeping their current position.

  5. ExchangeDimensionStyle. Exports the dimension styles from the current drawing to an external ASCII file.

  6. ExportSettings. Exports the current settings to an external file.

  7. ExportVariables. Exports the system variable values to a script file (.scr file).

  8. FitText. Resizes the width of a text entity to fit between two selected points.

  9. GetNestedProperties. Displays the properties of an entity of a Block or a Reference.

  10. ImportDimensionStyle. Imports dimension styles and their settings from an ASCII file (with .dim extension).

  11. MakeShape. Defines a Shape based on specified entities.

  12. MergeSheets. Merges several Sheets into a single Sheet.

  13. NumberText. Inserts sequential numbering to selected text entities.

  14. OffsetX. Creates new entities by applying an offset to the selected entities.

  15. RedefineBlockAttributeValues. Globally modifies the values of the BlockAttributes of all instances of the selected Blocks.

  16. ScaleBlock. Scales Blocks relative to their insertion point.

  17. TextFrame. Creates a frame around specified text entities.

  18. TextMask. Places a blank area behind specified text entities.

  19. TextUnMask. Removes the masks assigned to selected text entities.

  20. VariableToScript. Appends selected variables to an existing script file (.scr file).

New System Variables:

  1. INPUTSEARCHDELAY. Sets the delay time for auto-completion of command names and system variable names as you type them.

  2. SETBYLAYERMODE. Controls which entity properties are preselected for the SetByLayer command.


  1. PRINT command: Fixed issues for entities on hidden and frozen layers.

  2. Printing performance of high resolution tiff images improved on PDF-printers.

  3. PRINT command: Improvements for drawings including transparent tiff images on application built-in printers.

  4. The handling of custom paper sizes improved for built-in PDF printer.

  5. The locking behavior of polygon viewport improved during ZOOM In/Out.

  6. Functionality added to see the recent used commands list of UNDO and REDO commands.

  7. Better ESnap functionality for all Linestyles types in viewport.

  8. ATTACHPDF command loading and display of PDF files name other than Englisch improved.

  9. IMPORTPDF command: The import properties options: By PDF layer ,By entity color, Maintain Lineweight and Maintain Linestyle added.

  10. CONVERTPOLYLINE command: Pulldown menu, toolbar and ribbon added.

  11. Functionality implemented to use "@" prefix for the input of relative angles values.

  12. PASTE command supports to paste Windows® print screen data into drawing.

  13. ZOOM command functionality added to accept fraction values.

  14. STRETCH command: Improved functionality for stretching spline and ellipse arc objects by using the window selection option.

  15. OBLIQUEDIMENSION command: Improved dimensioning capability on aligned/linear dimensions.

Build No. 2016.3.1.4034 (SP3) - Release 31/08/2016

New XtraTools commands:

  1. Breakline. Draws a line with a breakline symbol.

  2. ConvertSimpleNotes. Transforms one or multiple text entities to a text paragraph.

  3. CurvedText. Places a text on an arc entity.

  4. GetBlockInfo. Counts the block insertions in drawing and displays the result.

  5. ImportBlockAttributes. Imports BlockAttribute values previously exported to an ASCII file.

  6. LispExplorer. Displays information about commands, variables and Lisp functions defined in the application.

  7. MakeLineStyle. Creates a new LineStyle from the specified entities in drawing.

  8. PatternHatch. Creates hatches using Block entities, images, References or masks.

  9. RedefineBlockAttribute. Redefines the shape of a Block keeping its original BlockAttribute values.

  10. ReplaceBlock. Replaces Block insertions by other Blocks (dialog box variant).

  11. -ReplaceBlock. Replaces Block insertions by other Blocks (command window variant).

  12. ReplaceBlockByReference. Replaces Block insertions by instances of an external Reference (dialog box variant).

  13. -ReplaceBlockByReference. Replaces Block insertions by instances of an external Reference (command window variant).


  1. PRINT command: Fixed issue on HP printers related to "Specify window"-option.

  2. Functionality added to calculate additive areas for multiple hatch objects.

  3. Annotation editing: The orientation of Notes and SimpleNotes maintained in rotated Custom Coordinate Systems.

  4. EXPORTWMF command line version: Entity selection option added.

  5. Improved for PDF printers: Printing performance of drawings which contain filled areas (gradients).

  6. Added ability to modify the radius of circles with EntityGrips on the Z-plane.

  7. Improved visibility functionality of layers which contain the AutoCAD Architecture objects.

  8. The functionality of EXPLODE and LAYOUT commands are improved within LISP functions.

  9. PERIMETER system variable: Behavior improved to store last perimeter value within LISP functions.

  10. SLICE command: Improved capabilities to slice cylindrical solid objects.

  11. XREF handing: When external referenced drawings are missing in layout sheets, alert messages are displayed.

  12. EXPORT Command: Stability improvements in layout sheets.

  13. MacOS X: Stability improvements for modify XRef path and IMPORTDGN command.

Build No. 2016.2.1.3078 (SP2) - Release 08/06/2016

New Commands:

  1. CONVERTPOLYLINE: Converts old-style, heavyweight polylines to optimized, lightweight polylines.

  2. COPYLINK: Copies the current view to the clipboard and pastes it into another document as a linked OLE object.


  1. System Variable PREVIEWFILTER: Excludes specified entity types from selection set previews.

  2. Functionality implemented to open a dialog box with a specific tab by using Tab Index values.

  3. RADIUSDIMENSION/DIAMETERDIMENSION commands: Improved dimensioning capability with Custom Coordinate Systems.

  4. Lisp function (vports) improved to obtain viewports details.

  5. XtraTools LISP help file provided.

  6. LINEARDIMENSION command: Improved performance in complex drawings.

  7. SHADEVIEW command: Display quality of shaded surfaces enhanced.

  8. INSERTBLOCK command: Improved scale factor support for block insertions.

  9. FILLET command: Improved capability to fillet 3D solids.

  10. Improved QuickInput functionality inside LISP functions.

  11. CLIPIMAGE command: Rectangular clipping of referenced images improved.

  12. FIND command: Improved behavior to replace consecutive text.

  13. Stability improvements to overwrite an existing block definition.

Build No. 2016.1.1.2059 (SP1) - Release 30/03/2016


  1. Printing of drawings with referenced tiff images improved.

  2. THUMBSIZE (File thumbnail size) and SD I(Single document interface mode) system variables control added in Options dialog.

  3. Help topics for references path options and aliases for XtraTools commands added.

  4. Functionality of FREEZELAYER command refined for blocks.

  5. Performance of ROLLVIEW command in ARENDER window improved.

  6. Dynamic block handling of non-annotative Multi-View blocks improved.

  7. Improved ability to Copy&Paste data from Microsoft® Word document and Microsoft® Excel sheet.

  8. System variable OBJECTISOLATIONMODE implemented to control the visibility of hidden and isolate objects between drawing sessions.

  9. BATCHPRINT feature introduced to change the order of sheets using Drag&Drop in its dialog.

  10. QInput: Better functionality, while working with editing commands.

  11. Support of named views in model space viewports in sheet mode.

  12. GETMASSPROP command: Improved functionality for regions.

  13. ATTSYNC command: Enhanced features for annotative block handling.

  14. Mac OS X:IMPORTDGN command stability improvements for batch process option.

Build No. 2016.0.1.1103 Hotfix (SP0) - Release 10/02/2016


  1. Windows display issue with some NVIDIA Graphics adapter drivers. Drawn entities have been not displayed in model- and paperspace.

Build No. 2016.0.1.1069 (SP0) - Release 08/12/2015

New Commands:

  1. DrawingTabs. Shows drawing tabs at the top of the drawing window area.

  2. HideDrawingTabs. Hides drawing tabs at the top of the drawing window area.

  3. LayerState. Saves, restores, and manages configurations of layer properties and states.

  4. HideEntities. Hides specified entities.

  5. IsolateEntities. Isolates specified entities by hiding all other entities.

  6. UnisolateEntities. Shows entities that were hidden with the IsolateEntities or HideEntities commands.

  7. SelectMatching. Selects drawing entities of the same type and with shared properties for subsequent commands.

  8. New commands for Annotation Scaling:-AnnEntityScale. Adds and removes annotation scales for specified annotative entities (command window variant).AnnEntityScaleAdd. Updates annotative entities to support the drawing's active annotation scale.AnnEntityScaleRemove. Updates annotative entities to remove the drawing's active annotation scale from the entities' annotation scales.AnnReset. Resets all scale representations of specified annotative entities to their original positions.AnnUpdate. Updates existing annotative entities to match updated TextStyle or DimensionStyle settings.

New Features:

  1. Quick Input. Provides a command entry interface near the pointer (with tooltips, input boxes, and construction lines).

  2. Properties palette. Supports collapsing and expanding of property groups.

  3. Multiline BlockAttributes are supported by the MakeBlockAttribute, EditBlockAttribute, and EditAnnotation commands. The Multiline BlockAttribute Formatting pop-up toolbar helps you edit and format multiline BlockAttributes.

  4. Head-up Display toolbar. Appears when you select entities and lets you zoom to the specified entities, change the entities Layer, LineStyle, and LineWidth, dimension entities, or create a Block from the entities.

  5. Dimension location snap. Places dimension lines at specified distances from measured linear entities and between successive dimension lines. Places leader lines at specified angles for radius and diameter dimensions.

New System Variables:

  1. ATTIPE. Determines the type of pop-up toolbar to display when editing multiline BlockAttributes in place.

  2. ATTMULTI. Controls whether you can create multiline BlockAttributes with the commands to define BlockAttribute.

  3. FILETABPREVIEW. Determines the preview type when you hover over a drawing tab.

  4. FILETABSTATE. Controls the display of drawing tabs at the top of the drawing windows area.

  5. SELECTSIMILARMODE. Determines which properties must match for an entity of the same type to be selected with the SelectMatching command.

  6. New system variables for Annotation Scaling:ANNOALLVISIBLE. Shows or hides annotative entities that do not support the current annotation scale.ANNOAUTOSCALE. Controls if setting a new annotation scale are added automatically to annotative entities.ANNOTATIVEDWG. Determines whether the current drawing will act as annotative Block when inserted into another drawing.CANNOSCALE. Specifies the name of the current annotation scale for the active workspace (Model, or Viewports on layout Sheets).CANNOSCALEVALUE. Specifies the value of the current annotation scale for the active workspace (Model, or Viewports on layout Sheets).DIMANNO. Returns whether the current DimensionStyle is an annotative style.HPANNOTATIVE. Controls whether new Hatches or filled areas are annotative entities.MSLTSCALE. Determines whether LineStyles on the Model tab or in Viewports of layout Sheets are scaled by annotation scale settings.SAVEFIDELITY. Controls visual fidelity for annotative entities in legacy drawing files (DWG R2007 and earlier formats).SELECTIONANNODISPLAY. Specifies whether annotative entities, if selected, show all representations of the annotation scales assigned to them, or only the original scale.

  7. New system variables for Quick Input methods:DYNDIGRIP. Determines which input boxes are displayed as you move an EntityGrip.DYNDIVIS. Controls the Quick Input dimension input method when you stretch an entity using an EntityGrip.DYNMODE. Controls the use of Quick Input pointer input and dimension input methods.DYNPICOORDS. Controls whether the Quick Input pointer input method uses relative or absolute coordinates.DYNPIFORMAT. Controls whether the Quick Input pointer input method uses polar or Cartesian coordinates.DYNPIVIS. Controls the Quick Input pointer input method.DYNPROMPT. Turns on or off the use of prompt tooltips and command input boxes display for Quick Input.DYNTOOLTIPS. Determines which kind of tooltips are affected by appearance settings.TOOLTIPMERGE. Determines whether to merge EntitySnap (ESnap) tooltips and Quick Input tooltips into a single tooltip.


  1. Printing issue related to previous used settings option resolved.

  2. Display of small scaled hatched entities maintained during zoom command.

  3. Functionality of CCS command with 3 points option improved.

  4. PROPERTYPAINTER command functionality improved for matching properties of attribute definition to note.

  5. Print Preview: Quality enhanced and stability improvements of shaded drawings.

  6. FREEZELAYER command functionality developed to freeze layer of Xrefs.

  7. System variable OLEFRAME implemented and ESnap for OLE-objects improved.

  8. PRINT command feature added to specify the offset relative to Printable Area or Paper Edge.

  9. EXPORT command: Aspect ratio issue solved for exported BMP-files.

  10. INSERTOBJECT command improved handling of inserted Microsoft® Excel sheet cell numbers.

  11. Tooltips implemented for 'Deferred' and 'Extended' snaps.

  12. Printing performance and memory consumption for Windows 32-bit operating systems improved.

  13. PASTESELECTED command supports paste link option for linking to Microsoft® Excel data.

  14. Mac OS X: NOTE and SIMPLENOTE command supports to type Polish characters via US-keyboards.

  15. Linux: Stability improvements for the insertion of drawings from design resources panel.

New Features and Improvements

Build No. 2015.3.1.3063(Windows) and 2015.3.1.3056(Mac/Linux) (SP2) - Release 17/09/2015


  1. AREA command functionality developed to visualize selected area.


  3. Printing Performance for some special drawings recovered.

  4. Printing and Preview display of GIS-tiff image improved.

  5. Ability to edit pasted ARES objects in Microsoft Word when application is not running.

  6. Data loss issue when CLIPBOARDCOPY from layouts and PASTE to Microsoft Word resolved..

  7. Display issue of background mask for MTEXT/BLOCKTEXT objects that were created in AutoCAD fixed.

  8. Offline activation improved: User data are stored in text file if no email client is installed.

  9. Dual dimension preview in dialog box and insertion of secondary units improved.

  10. Loading of LISP and DCL improved.

  11. Handling of paragraph text with right indent improved in NOTE command.

  12. Mac OS X: Stability for ATTACHDRAWING command improved.

  13. Mac OS X and Linux: Geometric and Dimensional Constraint Commands enabled.

Build No. 2015.1.1.1124 Hotfix (SP1) - Release 30/06/2015


  1. Centroids of regions are calculated incorrectly.(API-Issue)

  2. Round contours of some user-defined SHX-fonts are displayed in different zoom states incorrectly.

  3. ATTXEDIT command can't edited in the middle of an attribute text.

  4. Windows OS: Print issue for some RICOH and Canon printer drivers fixed with additional lines on solid hatch objects.

  5. Windows OS: Display of the correct Graebert End-User License Agreement("EULA").

  6. Mac OS X: EXPORTPDF - PDF file size reduced for drawings with a lot of text entities.

  7. Linux: Cursor time delay issue fixed under Ubuntu distributions.

Build No. 2015.1.1.1115 (SP1) - Release 02/06/2015


  1. Performance improvements for zooming and panning.

  2. Improved menus appearance when application window is resized.

  3. Japanese mode In-place editor stability improved to modify the text height via properties toolbar.

  4. Improved performance of the CLIPBOARDCOPY command for gradients.

  5. Enhanced the visibility of selected sheet tabs.

  6. Improved quality of exported tiff images.

  7. ATTACHDRAWING command performs better for AEC objects files.

  8. Display problem of cursor with crosshair solved.

  9. SPLIT command behavior improved for 2D polylines.

  10. Display problem of diameter dimension symbols fixed.

  11. POWERTRIM command improved functionality to trim edges of polylines.

  12. Better visual quality of pasted OLE data when zoomed in.

  13. Stability improvements for editing of pasted OLE objects in Microsoft Word.

  14. Mac OS X: Problems with fixed or docked UI mode style resolved.

Build No. 2015.0.1.80 Hotfix (SP0) - Release 20/01/2015


  1. Print to PDF: Resolves a problem with some PDF printer drivers and centered output.

Build No. 2015.0.1.59 (2015 SP0) - Release 03/12/2014

New Commands:

  1. Constraint Commands to control drawing entities parametrically:Geometric Constraint Commands. Defines Geometric Constraints for one or two entities.Dimensional Constraint Commands. Defines Dimensional Constraints for entities or between constraint points on entities.

  2. DiscardDuplicates. Removes duplicate or overlapping entities from the drawing.

  3. QuickModify. Copies, moves, rotates, and scales entities in one operation.

  4. PowerTrim. Trims multiple, adjacent entities by dragging the pointer across each entity. Extends or trims two entities where they intersect at a virtual corner.

  5. ExplodeBlockX. Explodes Blocks and converts BlockAttribute values to SimpleNotes.

  6. EditTableCell. Inserts, deletes, merges, or resizes cells, rows, and columns in Tables.

  7. StackOptions. Sets the alignment and size for stacked text in annotations.

  8. CustomPaperSize. Manages custom paper sizes for built-in printers (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).

  9. Migration. Migrates profiles, preferences, file location settings, and UI customizations from a previous version of the software.

New Features:

  1. Dimension palette. Appears when you insert or select a Dimension so you can change the properties and formatting of Dimension text.

  2. Paragraph Options dialog box. Sets paragraph alignment, line spacing, indents, and tab stops for Notes.

  3. Note Formatting ruler. Sets paragraph indents and tab stops for Notes.

  4. Stack Properties dialog box. Controls the text, alignment position, relative scale, and type of stacked text to represent fractions and tolerances.

  5. AutoStack Defaults dialog box. Sets defaults to automatically stack text that represents fractions and tolerances in annotations.

  6. Editing Table Text in place and Editing Table Cells in place.

  7. Dynamic Block Grips. Modifies Dynamic Block references using grips. You can insert Dynamic Blocks and use them in drawings (although you cannot create them with the software).

  8. Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon Customization. Creates and modifies quick access toolbars, ribbon tabs and panels.

  9. Palettes. Help buttons provided on all palettes.

New System Variables:

  1. BTMARKDISPLAY. Toggles the display of value set increment markers in Dynamic Blocks.

  2. CETRANSPARENCY. Specifies the current level of transparency for new entities or the special names ByLayer or ByBlock.

  3. GRIPDYNCOLOR. Controls the fill color of user-defined grips of Dynamic Blocks.

  4. HPTRANSPARENCY. Specifies the current level of transparency for new hatches or gradient fills.

  5. TABLEINDICATOR. Toggles the display of the display of row numbers and column letters when editing Table cells in-place.

  6. TABLETOOLBAR. Controls the display of the Edit Table pop-up toolbar to assist editing Table cells in-place.

  7. TRANSPARENCYDISPLAY. Determines whether transparencies assigned to entities display.

  8. TSPACEFAC. Sets the line spacing distance specified as a text height factor for Notes.

  9. TSPACETYPE. Sets the type of line spacing used within Notes.


  1. Print preview issue of line weight to print scale solved.

  2. Drawing display of block objects improved.

  3. Support cyclic selection of overlapped objects.

  4. Improved PDF file size with built-in PDF driver.

  5. Ability to insert angles using surveyor units.

  6. DIMENSIONSTYLE command features enhanced for Lisp functions.

  7. EXPORTDXF command functionality developed for entity selection.

  8. ATTACHIMAGE command enhanced handling of TIF extension files.

  9. DELETE command: Performance increased for extremely large drawings.

  10. NOTE command features improved to maintain same OLE object properties in in-place text editor.

  11. TRIM and EXTEND commands functionality improved if the drawing contains entities at large coordinates.

  12. Better dimensioning capability of CONTINUEDIMENSION or BASELINEDIMENSION with varying viewport scale.

  13. Stability improvements for MENULOAD and EDITNOTE commands.

  14. Mac OS X: PDF file creation with customized paper size issue fixed.

Build No. 2014.6.35 (SP3) - Update 01/09/2014

  1. LineWeights display of objects pasted to Excel improved.

  2. Increased export quality for WMF and EMF files.

  3. Printing of shaded solids and printing process time for HP drivers improved.

  4. MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT command supports export to DXF files.

  5. IMPORTSAT command: Improved support of files from other CAD systems.

  6. CUSTOMIZE and IMPORTPDF commands support file names with blanks.

  7. Installation rollback issue fixed for Windows 8.

  8. Improved FIND command functionality.

  9. EntitySnap in custom coordinate systems refined.

  10. GFCLRUM system variable operation improved for gradient color selection.

  11. Custom scaling display issue of entities in viewport fixed.

  12. Mac OS X: Lisp functions improved.

  13. Mac OS X: PrintStyle issues resolved.

Build No. 2014.4.51 (SP2) - Update 26/05/2014

  1. ExportPDF features improved (printing with print styles).

  2. Better support for script files from other CAD systems.

  3. Transparency improvements for hatches and property painter.

  4. Improvements of PDF print results for drawings containing blocks.

  5. TEXTSTYLE command: Features for SHX-fonts having big text height and big fonts containing encoded codepage improved.

  6. Functionality of SWEEP and SHELL commands improved.

  7. System variable IMAGEFRAME and PICKAUTO operation improved.

  8. Reading of MNU files containing icon menu in toolbars improved.

  9. Japanese text display improved for built-in PDF.

  10. Warning message "InitOnceExecuteOnce symbol missing in KERNEL32.dll" removed under Windows XP.

  11. New -MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT command (command line version).

  12. New LicenseToGo-Mechanism for annual and perpetual licenses.

  13. Mac OS X: Print scale option for preview and last used settings improved.

Build No. 2014.2.37 (SP1) - Update 17/02/2014

  1. New Mouse Gesture functionality: You can use mouse gestures as a shortcuts to execute commands. The GESTURE command lets you customize up to eight gesture commands.

  2. Print to PDF: Improved output quality of drawings containing referenced images and hatches.

  3. -INSERTBLOCK and -LAYER commands features improved.

  4. Display issues of Bigfont-shx for Note (Mtext) objects improved.

  5. Editing and support of SmartLeader (Mleader) objects improvements.

  6. Loading support of script files in non-Latin languages and quoted texts.

  7. Japanese character menu and LineStyle files loading improved.

  8. BATCHPRINT command functionality improved for Japanese sheet names.

  9. LISP and DCL handling improved.

  10. Rendering issues of vertical note objects with special Unicode character fixed.

  11. PASTESELECTED and CLIPBOARDCOPY commands improved for import and export data to Excel sheets.

  12. LOADCUSTOMIZATION and EXTRUDE commands issues resolved.

  13. PURGE command performance improved when large numbers of empty EntityGroups exist in the drawing.

  14. Mac OS X: TTFont text display and PDF printing quality improved.

  15. Linux: Ubuntu 13.10 application crashes resolved.

Build No. 2013.8.20 (2014) - Update 04/11/2013

  1. New Ribbon based UI: Ribbon based UI (optional) with Application Button, Quick Access Toolbar, and Ribbon Tabs.

  2. New Transparency support: Layer and Entity Transparency allows to fade entities (for example, applied to hatched and filled areas).

  3. The new Customer Involvement Program (CIP) gathers and analyzes data on how customers use the product. The recorded data provides information that help design future software releases to meet customer needs. Customers are free to join or opt out of participation.

  4. New command DESIGNRESOURCES: Displays the Design Resources palette that lets you navigate to drawing resources and drag content such as Blocks, References, images, and named objects (such as Layers, DimensionStyles, and LineStyles) into the current drawing.

  5. New command BROWSEDESIGNRESOURCES: Browses to a file, folder or network path in the Design Resources palette.

  6. New command HIDEDESIGNRESOURCES: Hides the Design Resources palette.

  7. New command DRAWINGSTANDARDS: Associates drawing standards to the current drawing, determines the drawing categories to check, and sets notification and audit options.

  8. New command VERIFYSTANDARDS: Verifies that the drawing conforms to industry, corporate, and custom standards.

  9. New command EDITENTITYGROUP: Adds and removes entities to or from EntityGroups, or renames EntityGroups.

  10. New command QUICKGROUP: Quickly creates EntityGroups.

  11. New command QUICKUNGROUP: Quickly ungroups EntityGroups.

  12. New command LAYERPREVIEW: Previews the content of layers one by one for a set of specified layers.

  13. New command ROLLVIEWCENTER: Sets the center of rotation for constraint orbit view and start constraint orbit view (RollView).

  14. New Commands for Application Development IMAGEMENU: Displays custom image menus for command sequences to execute.

  15. Updated Command EDITRICHLINE: Edits intersecting and adjoining RichLines, breaks and welds RichLines, and adds or deletes vertices to or from existing RichLines.

  16. Updated Command -EDITRICHLINE: Command line version of the EDITRICHLINE command.

  17. PAN\ZOOM: Display problems in 3D views and with hatch pattern improved.

  18. Printing and preview improvements with custom paper size and HP series system printers.

  19. Drawing display of 3D loft entities improved.

  20. PAGELAYOUT command settings saving and printer configuration import improved.

  21. INSERT command: Entity draw order and visibility of annotative block references improved.

  22. LOADCUSTOMIZATION: Functionality for toolbar flyouts in CUI files improved.

  23. EXTRUDE command issues solved.

  24. Print to PDF: Improved background color display for referenced TIFF images.

  25. LISP functions (trace) and (untrace) implemented.

  26. Mac OS X: Printing with layout paper size improved.

Build No. 2013.6.37 (SP3) - Update 12/08/2013

  1. Print to PDF: Improved shading quality and smoother visualization of hatch edges.

  2. Display speed of large GIS drawings and drawings with high density hatches improved.

  3. PACKANDGO command embeds big fonts located in drawing path.

  4. Support of Japanese characters in complex LineStyle definitions.

  5. NOTE command: Special character handling improved.

  6. Dynamic Zoom with EntityGrips affected improved.

  7. Panning of raster images improved.

  8. BATCHPRINT command: Improved file handling.

  9. Mac OS X: Less memory consuming, if the application is switched to the background.

  10. Mac OS X: Export PDF and Force Quit improvements.

  11. Mac OS X: Printing improvements with custom paper size on physical printers.

Build No. 2013.4.59 (SP2) - Update 15/04/2013

  1. Native .dwg 2013 Read/Write Support (based on migration to ODA 3.8.1).

  2. Full Support of Taskbar Previews in Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  3. Processing Print Output in a Batch. The new BATCHPRINT command lets you send a set of drawings and sheets to printers in a batch job.

  4. PDF file import. The new IMPORTPDF command inserts content from Adobe® PDF files as Blocks into your drawings (all or selected pages from multiple page PDF documents). Windows version only.

  5. Print Scale List Customization. The new EDITSCALELIST command lets you customize the list of scales for printing, managing print configurations, and scaling viewports on layout sheets.

  6. Field Background: The new SETFIELDDISPLAY command specifies whether Fields display with a gray background in annotations.

  7. Exporting PDF Files Improvements. Support of PDF output options such as grayscale output, PDF layer support, TrueType font embedding, and document properties support.

  8. Slide Library Support. The new MAKESLIDELIBRARY command lets you create slide libraries from multiple slide files.

  9. Network License Manager (NLM): Support of Roaming Licenses.

  10. Command -TEXTSTYLE: Support for bigfonts and .shx font substitution files.

  11. Improvements for Lisp and DCL Handling.

  12. Print to file: Better display of gradient hatches.

  13. Faster Performance of Trimming and Extending in Viewports.

  14. Multiline Text (NOTE command) : Support of Japanese .shx fonts.

  15. PDF Underlays: Better object snap functionality, display of clipped PDF and print quality.

  16. Exploding Ellipses and Splines: EXPLODEX command features improvement.

  17. Drawing Display: Improved visualization during ZOOMDYNAMIC and overlapped objects.

  18. Attach Images: Less time consuming, when selected an unsupported image format.

  19. Mac OS X: 64-bit version for Mac replaces 32-bit version.

  20. Mac OS X: Printing issue with customize paper size fixed.

  21. Linux: Improved Support of export PDF and loading DGN files.

Build No. 2013.2.28 (SP1) - Update 04/03/2013

  1. DGN Underlays: Improved DGN files display and print quality.

  2. Improved performance of the TRIM and EXTEND commands in large drawings containing blocks and hatches.

  3. Faster execution of grip editing and exploding of surfaces.

  4. Enhanced performance of loading, rebuilding, and saving large files and less memory consumption.

  5. Uniform PDF print for solids hatches and fills.

  6. Improved 3D solid objects dimensioning capabilities and snapping in paper space.

  7. Better entity snap functionality in leaders, and PDF and DGN underlays.

  8. Improved drawing display distortion during zooming and panning in large drawings.

  9. Better support of MacOS Mountain Lion features.

  10. Stability improvements of in-place text editing in large drawings under MacOS.

  11. Enhanced PDF printing and export for the Mac version.

  12. Render and shading problems after 3D solid objects editing under Linux fixed.

Build No. 2012.8.60 (2013) - Update 25/09/2012

  1. 64-bit Version (for Windows only).

  2. Memory Improvements: the memory allocation for loading large drawings has been improved.

  3. Windows 8 Support.

  4. DWG 2013 Support: support for reading DWG 2013 files has been added to this version. Support for writing DWG 2013 files is planned for future releases. The software currently supports writing files in DWG 2012 and earlier DWG formats.

  5. In-place Text Editor: enter text directly in the drawing and format it inside of the drawing. This replaces the existing annotation dialogs (Note, SimpleNote) used in several commands with an easy-to-use, graphics area WYSIWYG editor.

  6. Align Viewports: new functionality has been added to the Viewport command. Easily align viewports by selecting the geometry inside a viewport.

  7. Revision Clouds: create revision clouds in drawings to indicate that certain areas require or contain revisions. Create rectangular, elliptical, and freehand clouds to accentuate drawing areas.

  8. DGN Underlays: read or display Bentley® DGN files as an underlay in your drawing.

  9. Explode Text: creates outlines of text as polylines in a drawing. This is useful in CAM outlining.

  10. Explode Ellipses and Splines: This command converts ellipses and splines into polylines and is useful to prepare and export drawings to other software programs that do not support ellipses or splines.

  11. Enhanced Printing Preview: printing preview performance has been enhanced for Mac.

  12. Open GL Printing: allows printing of shaded viewports and objects.

  13. Printing Models: ability to print models without hidden lines.

  14. Trimming and Extending Entities: improved performance when trimming and extending entities in large drawings.

  15. Action Macro Recording: record a series of commands in action macros and replay them to automate repetitive tasks.

  16. Support of Split LISP Commands.

  17. VSTA Improvements: record, edit, run, and manage Microsoft® Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) macros with a new, user-friendly VSTA Manager toolbar. A list of your recorded macros will be compiled as you work and can be accessed through the toolbar.

Build No. 2012.2.49 - Update 06/03/2012

  1. New command PACKANDGO: Creates a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files such as References, referenced images, referenced PDF files, font files, font mapping files, PrintStyle files, and Print Configuration files.

  2. New command MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT: Creates a flat representation of 3D solid objects, projected to the X-Y plane of the drawing.

  3. New command PASTESELECTED: Pasting entities from the OS clipboard by specifying a format.

  4. New command PASTE@SOURCEPOSITION: Pasting entities from the OS clipboard using the coordinates of the source drawing.

  5. New command AttachPDF: Attaches one or multiple pages of a PDF document to your drawing.

  6. New command LayersPDF: Controls the layer visibility of a PDF Underlay.

  7. New command ClipPDF: Clips a PDF Underlay at a specified boundary.

  8. New command INSERTBLOCKN: Inserts multiple copies of a Block or Reference in a pattern, arranged in rows and columns.

  9. Improved Entity Snap functionality (ESnap).

  10. Printing improvements for the handling of custom plotter and printer driver settings.

  11. Qt 4.7.4 update with bug fixes for Mac OS X Lion.

  12. Support of Mac OS X Lion features (Full screen apps).

  13. Mac and Linux crash report improvements.

  14. Hebrew, Thai, and Arabic text improvements for normal texts and MText objects.

Build No. 2011.8.1055 - Update 8/11/2011

  1. New ODA DWGDirect library version 3.5 included.

  2. TTF-Printing creates much smaller files for texts with TTF fonts.

  3. Improved performance of LISP, panning and object selection.

  4. Drawing independent DWGCODEPAGE handling for Hebrew text support.

  5. 3D Mouse Navigation (Connexion).

  6. Flyout Toolbar Support.

  7. Uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 version for the Kernel and API-programming.

  8. Printing speed improvements.

  9. New print dialog with paper orientation and Offset on the main print dialog.

  10. ACIS improvements and improved 3D capabilities (Editing of Edges, Faces and Bodies of 3D Solids).

  11. New command FILLETEDGES: Filleting Edges of 3D Solids.

  12. New command LOFT: Creating 3D Solids by Lofting Between 2D Entities.

Build No. 2011.6.1039 - Update 22/07/2011

  1. Improved performance for the commands PAN, ZOOM, ORBIT etc..

  2. Plugin Manager to load and manage plugins in ARES Commander.

  3. ARES Update notification. A balloon pops up, if a new version for download is available.

  4. Printing improvements.

  5. ACIS Update to Release R21 SP3.

  6. Flip dimension arrows functionality added.

  7. Smart Dimensioning command.

  8. Dimensioning of model space entities in layout space.

  9. Entity snapping of model space entities in layout space.

  10. Improved APIs (DRX, LISP, VSTA, ActiveX, COM).

  11. Multilingual setup for 14 languages.

Build No. 2010.10.204 - Update 8/10/2010

  1. Improved performance for zooming and panning.

  2. Print command improvements.

Build No. 2010.6.100 - Update 21/06/2010

  1. DWG® 2010 file format support.

  2. License activation problem for some hard disk devices solved.

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