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How to Install and Activate a Network/Flex License
How to Install and Activate a Network/Flex License

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Superseded - For versions of ARES Commander 2022 and later, please refer to the Installation and Activation guide here.

For Product Activation following version/subscription Update/Upgrade, please refer to the following article here.

To use a network license of ARES Commander you need an additional Graebert Network License Manager (NLM). This NLM can be run as separate program or as service and it administrates the network license(s).

To get a download link to the current NLM version, please contact [email protected].

Please note that the activation of Network/Flex license could NOT be done over the Internet directly. You have to send us your activation data via email to [email protected] or [email protected].

For ARES Commander 2017 (and newer versions) you have to follow the steps shown in the NLM-Dialog of "Licenses-->Request License...". Here you can activate your network license on your own via the Graebert Customer Portal. 

Attached is a PDF-document that explains the installation and activation of network licenses.

Download the PDF-file from here.

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