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12. iOS/Android Insert Door

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Insert Door

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How to insert a door.

Step 1: Select Door.

Step 2: Select the wall corner in the floor plan from which you measure the door.

Step 3: Measure the values in order with the laser and transfer the relevant measured value from the laser to the corresponding input field with the Bluetooth key after each measurement. After each transfer, the next field is active.

  1. Measure the distance d1 from the wall corner to the outer door frame.

  2. Measure the Opening width of the door incl. frame.

  3. Measure the Opening height of the door incl. frame.

  4. OPTIONAL: Measure the Crear inner width (clear inside dimension of the door).

  5. OPTIONAL: Measure the Aperture depth (opened door to the wall).

  6. Select the stop side of the door. To do this, click ^ to the right of the Right text. Select the appropriate text for your selection.

7. Select the opening direction of the door. To do this, click on ^ inward text. Select the appropriate text.

OPTIONALLY you can measure more values under Details, if not insert this door with step 5.

Swipe your finger or a pen in the dialog box from bottom to top until you see Detail.

Step 4: Select the double arrow to the left of Details. If you do not see the open fields for details, swipe the dialog box up again. Click the button to the right of Measure Details to activate the input fields. Then optionally measure the values you need.

Door frame depth: Front edge of door frame/door frame to the wall
โ€‹Door thickness: Front edge of the door leaf to the wall (optionally the door leaf thickness)
โ€‹Door handle depth: Front edge of the door handle to the wall (optionally only the depth of the door handle)

Step 5: Add the measured door to your floor plan with the blue check mark in the upper right corner.

Step 6: Exit the command Measure door with the white cross in the upper right corner.

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