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iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Insert Symbol

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How to insert symbols (e.g. electrical and water installations) into the wall views.

NOTE: All installations are always measured from the center point.

Step 1: Select a wall view via sheets, e.g. 1.

Step 2: Select Symbols.

Step 4: In the Symbols menu, click Symbol.

Step 5: Click on the wall side from which you measure the installation.

Step 4: To select the symbol to be measured, click ^ to the right of the Last text. Select the appropriate heading.

  • Favorites, a fixed selection of 9 most used symbols

  • Electrics, e.g. sockets, switches, also in multiple combinations, etc.

  • Ventilation, exhaust air and fan

  • Other, gas, network connector, round and square breakthrough

  • Water, waste water, hot and cold connection, stopcock, water meter

Select the desired symbol, e.g. from the Electrical section. Click on ^ to the right of the Boiler text. To see more electrical symbols, swipe upwards or downwards again in the selection list.

For example, if you select a double outlet box, the selected symbol will be displayed in the selection window.

Step 5: Click in the field to the right of Distance d1. Measure (always centered from the respective installation)

  • Distance d1, center installation to the wall corner and transfer the measured value to the field using the Bluetooth button on the laser. after the transfer, the Distance d2 field is automatically activated.

  • Distance d2, center of installation to floor.

Optionally, the under dimensions you can measure the Width, Height and Depth of the installation, if the size differs from the standard.

Step 6: Click Insert and the icon will be displayed in the wall view.

Select a new installation from the rubric selection and measure it in.

Step 7: Exit the Insert Symbol command for this wall view with the White Cross in the upper right corner.

If you want to continue measuring the installations on another wall view, you must change the wall view first.

You can also stay in the selected wall view and measure the tile level.

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