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Get Started: The Construction Aids (1)
Get Started: The Construction Aids (1)

Use construction aids for faster and more comfortable drafting.

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You will find the ARES Commander construction aids in the status bar.

Shortcuts to switch construction aids are available, which are displayed in the tooltip of the respective button. See the article "Shortcuts" to learn more about and to find a shortcut list for download

The quickest way to access the settings for the respective construction aid tool is to right-click the corresponding button in the status bar. You will be taken directly to the right place in the Options dialog box.

Snap (F9): A snap grid creates invisible magnetic points to which the cursor is forced when sketching.

Grid (F7): The grid is a visible dot grid used for orientation. The grid is not part of the drawing and does not appear when printing the drawing. It has no effect on the cursor.

Grid and snap grid can be toggled and set independently of each other. It is common to set both to the same value and use both together.

Ortho (F8): Orthogonal mode restricts cursor movements horizontally and vertically to the current coordinate system.

ESnap (F3): Switches the permanent entity snap on or off. EntitySnaps are used to snap significant points on drawing entities. These are, for example, end points, intersections or centers.

Tip: The unique entity snap can be used as an alternative to the permanent entity snap. After the call, it is active for exactly one next click point.
Not: Not all unique entity snaps are available as permanent entity snaps.

Invoke Single Entity Snap:Shift + Right-click
Now select the required snap from the context menu.  

An additional toolbar can be displayed for entity snaps.

Leran more in the next article about the construction aids Polar and ETrack.

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