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New Features and Enhancements 

  1. Markup: Design review is a crucial phase of any development where designers need to exchange their thoughts with each other, evaluate the design before it goes for production. Now in ARES Kudo, 1.109  design reviews are made easy by introducing the "Markup" feature. In markup, you can use predefined stamps like APPROVED, DRAFT, FINAL, etc.. or Customized stamps. You can add a picture note as part of the markup. PictureNotes, let you annotate entities or locations in the drawing by pictures

  2. Save as copy: Now users can save as the drawing in other formats.

  3. "Cut-Paste" from one tab to another: You can cut the entity from one tab and paste it to another tab. 

  4. Paste as block: You can copy a group of entities and past them as a block. This command can be accessed from the RMB menu as well as from the command line. 

  5. Copying with a Reference Point to the Clipboard: Use the Copy@ command to copy selected entities and a reference point from the drawing onto the operating system clipboard. "Copy with Reference point" is available in the RMB menu as well. 

  6. 3D orbit: 3D Orbit functionality can now also be achieved by holding the SHIFT key and using PAN with the mouse wheel

  7. Rectangle command enhancement: Now you can create a rectangle using new options like "Center", "3 Point Corner", "3 Point Center" options. 

  8.  -AUTOCOMPLETEOPTIONS  command is enhanced with option  "Autosuggestion"

  9. Password protected view-only link: Now users can share the view-only links with password protection as well. If the drawing is password protected then only the users who have the password can open it. 

  10. The expiry date for View-only links: Now user can create nonexpiry view-only link using "Never" option

  11. You can take editing rights for view only link having the same login


  1. Files/folders do not stay on top of the list after upload

  2. Commenting service becomes unavailable at time

  3. Shared file gets missing when another file is accessed instead of shared file in GDrive

  4. ESNAP: Polar and Entity tracking markers are activated simultaneously

  5. LINECOLOR UI: The active color preview is not updated as per the entered index number

  6. Broken display of Egroup when a dimension is included

  7. PDF open throw error when open in New Tab through RMB

  8. Commenting: Unable to discard the entity highlights until focusing on GA

  9. The PAN cursor is not updated back to the normal cursor if drop the mouse button over a widget

  10. Ghost entities get displayed when shademode is changed after rollview/zoom

  11. The GA is broken while opening the drawings 

  12. Mouse highlight and keyboard highlight work separately in auto completion list

  13. UI does not update to indicate new drawing creation

  14. Deleted folders can be opened inside Trash folder

  15. "File session recovered" message pop up sometimes

  16. Expand/collapse icon on comment header is missing

  17. Clicking on folder path on Search page does not open the respective folder

  18. Drawing location is not shown on the tooltip when a drawing is opened

  19. Search page looks broken if screens size is changed on the search page

  20. The patterned hatch is displayed as solid

  21. The pattern list is scrolling down automatically when access the list

  22. The focus of Undo remains on the command line and not switch to the graphical area when undone from the command line

  23. Comments are not saved and Kudo crashing when trying to add comments in a specific drawing

  24. Focus lost from GA once contextual menu opened

  25. Selecting all the entities causes the browser freezing up

  26. Dimensions are not highlighting after a rebuild

  27. RMB Contextual menu on "Thumbnail" does not appear when another file from the "Thumbnail" preview is being opened.

  28. Display of polyline and specific "LineStyle" broken

  29. Parent storage of drawing is not highlighted when a drawing is closed after accessing it from Recent Files

  30. Window selection does not work for annotative hatches   

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