The latest network license server (NLM) installation file could be downloaded here.
Please note that the above NLM version doesn't work on virtual machines!

For virtual machines you please download the following zipped archive. It includes a READ_ME_FIRST.txt and a user declaration. Please fulfill this user declaration and return it to [email protected] before you install the MSI-software package.

Note: It is not required to have the same NLM product version like the CAD application (e.g. The NLM 2019 will also work with the ARES Commander 2022 application).

Further information could be found in our knowledge base under:
Or in the installed NLM help.

  1. To activate or add a Network permission key to our  in our Customer Portal you need an account and organization.

  2. You create it under Organization-->Products.

3. Activate and import the Network-license-file (.netlic) into the NLM. Please open in the NLM pulldown Menu "Licenses-->Request License..." and follow the instruction on the dialog.

4. Now you have to start the NLM Licensing Service. When it is running, the program icon switches to the color green and see at the bottom the text "Service is running.".

5. When your NLM is running (green icon) and there are no errors in the log (right tab), then you connect your ARES Commander Clients to the NLM. You start the ARES Commander application and via the gear button at the top right of the start dialog you open the Advanced Settings for the License Server. When you have entered the NLM Server IP address and the Port, then you press the Add-button and close this dialog with OK.

Now the word FLEX should appear at the right top of the start dialog and you are connected to your network license manager and you got also a valid license.

Note: Additional you can also login with your Customer Portal credential now, to get connected to your cloud service and to ARES Kudo (if this permission is assigned to your account).

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