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ARES Commander 2020 SP0( Release Notes
ARES Commander 2020 SP0( Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2020 SP0, Release Notes

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Build No. 2020.0.1.1018 (SP0)- Release 12/02/2020


  • The licensing dashboard is available in the Plugins palette.

New Commands:

  • Drawing:INSERTBASE. Determines the insertion base point for the drawing.

  • Dimension:NEWDIMENSIONSTYLE. Creates a new dimension style from a specified dimension.

  • Constraints:SETCONSTRAINTNAMEFORMAT. Specifies how to display the information in the dimensional constraints.

  • 3D Modeling commands:- OFFSETEDGES. Creates 2D entities from the boundary of a 3D solid or surface.- CONVERTEDGES. Creates wireframe geometry from the edges of a specified 3D solid, surface, mesh, or region.

  • CustomBlock commands- CBCONVERT. Converts dynamic blocks from a DWG file into CustomBlocks.- CBWBlockAs. Saves a CustomBlock as a separate drawing with a specified name.- Test mode: Lets you test CustomBlock definitions without exiting the Block Editor.   * CBTESTBLOCK. Lets you check custom blocks in a test window.   * CBTESTCLOSE. Exits custom block test mode.

  • Alignment element: Specifies an alignment direction for the CustomBlock.

  • Improved activities:- Dependent or Independent base point for the Rotate and Scale activity. The Base Type property in the Properties palette lets you specify whether the base point of the Rotate activity coincides with the main point of the Rotation element or is an independent point.- Stretch activity: The Overrides category of the Properties palette groups the following properties:   * Distance multiplier: Lets you specify a factor by which a distance value of an element is increased or decreased.   * Angle offset: Lets you specify a factor by which an angular value of an element is increased or decreased.- Incremental markers for Stretch and Rotate activities.

  • Security command:SAFETYOPTIONS. Lets you control safety restrictions against malicious executable files.

  • Log file commands:- LOGFILEON. Writes the contents of the command history to a log file (with .log extension).- LOGFILEOFF. Closes the command history log file opened by the LogFileOn.

  • Utility command:COMMANDS. Displays the list of all commands.

New Features:

  • Data Extraction Wizard (Windows only!). The Data Extraction wizard lets you specify a set of entities or blocks and extract property and attribute information. You can display the result in a table on the drawing or save it in an external file that you can exchange with your colleagues. The ExtractData command opens the Data Extraction Wizard.

  • Associative Patterns. Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. Associative patterns let you edit them in their entirety instead of changing the individual items in the pattern.- The Pattern command has been extended to allow you to create associative linear, circular, and path patterns.- The new EditPattern command lets you modify the shape and appearance of associative patterns. You can also edit associative patterns using specific EntityGrips and the Properties palette.

  • Reshape non-associative hatches using grip points. If you disable the link between the hatch and the boundary, you can directly manipulate the shape of the hatch according to a new boundary configuration using the hatch grip points. Hovering over a grip point on a non-associative hatch entity displays a menu with edit options according to the specified type of grip point.

  • Lasso selection. Lets you select entities by sketching a lasso around entities.

  • Geometric center entity snap. Snaps to the centroid of a closed Polyline, planar 3D Polyline, Spline, Region, or planar face of a 3D Solid object.

  • Hatch Background Color. The following options are new to the Additional Options dialog box:- LineColor. Determines the hatch line color.- BackGroundColor. Determines the hatch background color.

  • New predefined Layer group filters in Layers Manager palette:- Reference. Groups all the Layers of externally reference drawings. The Reference filter is automatically created when attaching external references to the drawing.- Viewport Overrides. Groups all the Layers containing property overrides from the current layout viewport.- Reference Overrides. Groups all the Layer of externally referenced drawings containing layer property overrides.

  • Save Current Workspace (Windows version only!). Saves the current workspace configuration as a new workspace. The option is available in the Workspace list, on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Reload References option in the status bar. The notification area of the status displays a balloon to indicate that an externally referenced drawing has changed and needs reloading. The options in the right-click menu let you update the references.

  • New shortcuts.Ctrl + Pg Up. Moves to the next working space (sheet or model).Ctrl + Pg Down. Moves to the previous working space (sheet or model).Ctrl + I. Toggles between absolute and relative coordinate during command execution

  • New settings in the Options dialog box:- Base Angle Guide display. You can display a guide line along the zero base angle according to the current CCS. (User Preferences > Drafting Options > Display > Polar guides)- Display full path in application title bar. Lets you control whether the title bar displays the full path of the active drawing or only the name. (System Options > Open / Save As > Open file > Display full path in application title bar)- Rendered entity smoothness option in the Options dialog box lets you specify the resolution of curved surfaces for rendering.- Heads-up display delay time. Lets you control the display of the Heads-Up toolbar when selecting entities.

  • Printing.- Layers in .pdf files. Options dialog box: Use layers in PDF file (PDF v1.5) option lets you create layers in the PDF file according to the layers in the drawing.- Window print range highlight in graphics area.- Improved BATCHPRINT command. Lets you group multiple drawings into a single PDF file.- Printer property settings. Lets you specify printer specific property settings to be reused for subsequent outputs. Thus you can override settings of the printers installed on your computer. You can save the printer property settings in configuration files with a .pcx extension.- Custom paper sizes are available for built-in printer (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or DWF).

  • Cloud Storage.Comments palette.    - Type substrings and use wildcards to reduce the number of displayed comments.    - Option to sort the comments according to the user name.

  • Markups. Lets you add predefined and custom markups to a drawing.

  • Search field. Searches a file across all Cloud Storage services.

  • Building Information Modeling: (Windows 64-bit version only!).

  • BIMNAVIGATOR. Displays the BIM Navigator palette. The BIM Navigator palette groups all tools necessary to import the BIM files and control the visibility of BIM elements in the graphics area.

  • BIMMOVE. Moves a specified set of BIM elements.

New XtraTools commands:

  • SETBACKUPFOLDER. Lets you specify the destination folder for drawing backup (.bak) files.

Modified Features and Commands:

  • FIELD (Windows only!). The Entity option lets you:

  • Display entity properties in text

  • Insert formula fields in table cells

  • Insert a Block placeholder field in a BlockAttribute

  • REBUILDFIELD. The RebuildField command is available in the annotations context menu.

  • ROTATE. Includes the following options:

  • Point option to define a reference angle. Specify two points to define an imaginary line that will be rotated to a new angle.

  • Copy. Lets you create one copy or multiple copies of the specified entities.

  • COPY. The Pattern option of the Copy command lets you create a specified number of copies in a linear pattern. Two methods are available:

  • Create the number of copies at specified displacement, starting with a base point.

  • Create the number of copies evenly spaced between two specified points, in the specified direction using the Fit option.

  • OFFSET. The Gap type option of the Offset command specifies the gap type to fill potential gaps in offset polylines.

  • -DIMENSIONSTYLE. The Status option lets you display the current values of all dimension system variables in the command window.

  • LOFT. The Type option lets you specify whether the lofted entity is a solid or a surface.

  • SWEEP. The Bank option allows the entity to rotate along the specified sweep path.

  • Layers Manager palette. The Option button lets you access the Layer options in the Options dialog box.

Other Updates:

  • CustomBlock Editor is now Block Editor.

New System Variables:

  • ACADLSPASDOC. Determines whether to load the start.lsp Lisp file once at the start of a session with the software or each time when opening a drawing.

  • ARRAYASSOCIATIVITY. Determines whether patterns of entities are created associative or non-associative.

  • ARRAYTYPE. Determines the default array type for the Pattern dialog box.

  • CROSSINGAREACOLOR. Specifies the color of the selection area during crossing selection.

  • DIMTXTDIRECTION. Defines the reading direction of the dimension text.

  • HEADUPTIME. Sets the delay time (in milliseconds) for the Heads-up toolbar display.

  • LEGACYCODESEARCH. Determines whether the Start In and current drawing folders are included or excluded when searching for executable files.

  • PRESELECTIONEFFECT. Specifies how preselected entities are indicated.

  • SECURELOAD. Determines whether the software loads executable files depending on whether they are located in a trusted folder.

  • SELECTIONCYCLING. Controls the display of the Cycling Selection dialog box and the cycling selection icon.

  • SELECTIONAREA. Determines whether the selection areas indicated by a transparent or opaque color fill.

  • SELECTIONAREAOPACITY. Specifies the current level of transparency of selection areas.

  • SELECTIONEEFFECT. Specifies whether selected entities are indicated with dashed lines or with luminous lines.

  • TRUSTEDPATHS. Specifies which folders are trusted to load and run executable files from them.

  • WINDOWAREACOLOR. Specifies the color of the selection area during window selection.


  1. Zoom performance of drawing having hatches and line weights improved.(DESKTOP-85533)

  2. Printing of MPolygon objects on external PDF improved.(DESKTOP-88212)

  3. Weld command: Functionality added to join different group of entities.(DESKTOP-80998)

  4. Table formulation: Updating of formulas improved when source table is modified.(DESKTOP-53113)

  5. "Copy option" is added in Rotate command.(DESKTOP-75570)

  6. Gap type options "Natural, Arc & Chamfer" are added in OFFSET command.(DESKTOP-84298)

  7. Grips and Snapping support are added for Mpolygon entity.(DESKTOP-82531)

  8. OFFSETEDGES command implemented which creates 2D entities from the boundary of a 3D solid or surface.(DESKTOP-75294)

  9. CONVERTEDGES command implemented which creates wireframe geometry from the edges of a specified 3D solid, surface, mesh, or region.(DESKTOP-75292)

  10. New workspace "CAD General" added to make similar UI configuration like other CAD systems.(DESKTOP-82621)

  11. REVCLOUD command: Calligraphy style option is added under cloud styles.(DESKTOP-61687)

  12. "FACETRES system variable" entity smoothness settings are added in Options dialog.(DESKTOP-80172)

  13. "Drawing full path display in title bar of application" settings added in Options dialog.(DESKTOP-50952)

  14. SPELLCHECK command: Functionality added to display red underlines for wrong words.(DESKTOP-49059)

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