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23. iOS/Android Tools Checking Objects
23. iOS/Android Tools Checking Objects

iOS/Android Check Tools Checking Objects

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Commands to check, fill in the measurement report, change wall orientation, change floor height.

Check menu provides you with various commands for checking objects, walls, angles, filling the measurement report, rearranging and aligning walls and changing the floor height.


In the floor plan, all previously measured objects, such as doors, windows, roof slopes, radiators and obstacles can be corrected in position and size. In wall views, only the position of symbols can be corrected with this command, not the installation type.

Check wall:

Use this command to check the last wall during the new measurement.

Check Angle:

Use this command to check an angle across the diagonal of the room, or the partial diagonal.

Check Report:

This command allows you to fill in the measurement report.

Align Kitchen:

This command allows you to align the reference wall relevant to planning.

Rearrange Walls:

This command allows you to rearrange the order of the walls.

Floor Level:

You only need the Floor height command if there will be a deviation from the currently measured floor height to the final floor height of the kitchen design. You have measured all dimensions to the unfinished floor in the shell. By entering the difference to the finished floor (DFF), all height-relevant data will be changed to the new floor level.

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