25. iOS/Android Check Report

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Check Report

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This way you can check or change already measured objects, e.g. doors, windows, radiators or obstacles.

You have the possibility to check an object in the floor plan view:

OR you switch to a wall view to check: Click Sheets and in the Sheets, select the wall view where the component you want to check is located.

Step 1: Select Check.

Step 2: Select Check object.

Step 3:

Select in the view the object to be checked, in this example obstacle 1 on wall 4.

Step 4: Check now all values you want to change: For example, re-measure the depth of the Therme and transfer the measured value to the Depth field. Afterwards, you can also re-measure for example the upper height of the Therme.

Step 5: Finish the command with the blue check mark in the upper right corner.


After that, you must select Prozess walls. This will redraw the changed values in the wall view.

Step 6: Click Prozess walls.

Afterwards the changes are shown in the wall view:

In the text stamp for obstacle 1 you can see the new values for the
Height H: 1600
Depth D: 800
Front Edge FE: 800
Top Edge TE: 1900

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