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Message "No License Found" in Start Page - Linux
Message "No License Found" in Start Page - Linux

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This article addresses the scenario on which, after validating you Permission Key in the Customer Portal, when you login in the Start Page of the software, you receive the message "No License Found" as below:

This behavior may also occur when reserving a License for offline use/the Offline activation process. In this scenario, after generating and importing the License, the software doesn't recognize the License, showing the image above.


  • Make sure that you have made the Login using the credentials/account used to validate your account.

  • In order to ensure the update of licensing information stored locally, click the "Refresh" button on the top right of the Start Page (below the X /close window button).

  • If the "Refresh" fails/the message persists, Logout, and Login again.

Should the issue persists:

  • Locate and Check if /var/opt/ is writable and contains a folder for Graebert:

  • Make sure that the folder permissions allow Writing operations. To ensure that, you can call “sudo chmod -r a+w /var/opt” and then restart the app.

Note: For the Offline activation, Offline activation is only required if your computer will not have Internet connection for more than 30 days.

Be aware that activating this option will lock the license on this computer which reduces the possibility to work from other computers.

There is no way to unbind the offline licenses from the device using the
customer portal.

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