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ARES Commander 2020 SP2.1 Release Notes
ARES Commander 2020 SP2.1 Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2020 SP2.1, Release Notes

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Build No. 2020.2.1.3407 (SP2.1) - Release 16/09/2020
​New Functionality:

  • Sheet Set Manager - New Tabs for Model Views, Sheet Views and Import Layouts(DESKTOP-88604;DESKTOP-88603;DESKTOP-87933)


  • A freeze/hang in the EXTEND command with lines in specific drawing is fixed.(DESKTOP-93716)

  • EDITANNOTATION: Value disappears, when editing it via double click.(DESKTOP-92223)

  • TRIM command: Performance issue with trimming a simple polyline is fixed, if specific hatch exists in the drawing.(DESKTOP-91583)

  • Dimension style is not changed, when a leader and a dimension are specified for PROPERTYPAINTER (MATCHPROP) command.(DESKTOP-96134)

  • Block reference is not faded although the layer on the block reference is locked.(DESKTOP-91013)

  • A part of pattern (array) entities are not displayed.(DESKTOP-90456)

  • The Maps Plugin is missing in an OEM product. (DESKTOP-96945)

  • HATCH: Hatch gets removed from the area which is covered by text on editing with the help of EGrip when created with "Ignore island detection" on.(DESKTOP-83711)

  • Hatch position is not changed, when you modified the dynamic block.(DESKTOP-95287)

  • LISP: The application hangs, when repeating the loop to rotate an entity.(DESKTOP-95575)

  • LISP: Problems with a specific Lisp example and the execution of commands, while switching drawings tabs is fixed.(DESKTOP-94033)

  • VB.NET: Status of SelectImplied() is always PromptStatus.OK.(DESKTOP-96083)

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