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Message "No License Found" in Start Page

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The message "No License Found", received when the user launches ARES Commander after starting a valid Trial or a Permission Key is correctly activated in the Graebert Customer Portal, means that the Licensing information hasn't been updated in the computer.

There are multiple reason(s) for this behavior, typically linked to to local settings, and mainly to security settings/permissions granted to User Account, Application or both. Third party security software (antivirus, firewalls, VPN's) may also block the update of the licensing data, and require attention.

This behavior may also occur when reserving a License for offline use/the Offline activation process. In this scenario, after generating and importing the License, the software doesn't recognize the License, showing the image above.


  • Make sure that you have made the Login using the credentials/account used to validate your account.

  • In order to ensure the update of licensing information stored locally, click the "Refresh" button on the top right of the Start Page (below the X /close window button). If the "Refresh" fails/the message persists, Logout, and Login again.

  • In order to bypass this scenario, it is recommended that ARES Commander is installed under an elevated account, ideally the Administrator Account. Under some configurations in Windows platforms, it is possible to bypass this scenario by:

- Start ARES Commander by using Mouse right-click on the ARES Commander desktop shortcut, and selecting the option "Run as Administrator". It may also be necessary to grant additional permissions to "System" and the User Account (in Mouse right-click on the ARES Commander desktop shortcut>Properties>Security).

- It may be required to lower the security level in the Windows User Account Control (UAC), in order to allow the update of Licensing information (stored locally).

  • Under some configurations, the access to or capability of editing files/folders in some locations deemed sensitive, may be blocked to prevent accidental or malicious editing.

  • Make sure that the User Account and ARES Commander hold enough permissions to make changes to the System and connect to the internet. For 3rd party applications (antivirus, firewalls, vpn's) in place, it may be required that you add ARES Commander to the exceptions list, and or that you temporarily disable them in order to allow the process to be completed.

  • If applicable, we recommend that you contact the IT Team/LAN Manager about this topic/changes.

  • Make sure that you can access and edit the folder where the licensing information is stored. Please see below the folder location, in the different supported platforms/OS's and additional information:

License file path / location on specific OS

Note: For the Offline activation, Offline activation is only required if your computer will not have Internet connection for more than 30 days.

Be aware that activating this option will lock the license on this computer which reduces the possibility to work from other computers.

There is no way to unbind the offline licenses from the device using the

customer portal.

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