Kudo release notes 1.125
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New Functionality

  1. SharePoint support: Extended support of Microsoft drives. Along with OneDrive and One Drive for Business, now you can add Sharepoint as Cloud Storage. Similar to OneDrive and One Drive for Business, you can create and edit the dwg files from Sharepoint

  2. Added tooltips to play, record, pause and stop button of voice recording

  3. UI improvements in the "Import DGN" command to select multiple DGN files under batch processing

  4. UI improvements in the "Manage Version" dialog


  1. Password is asked for expired view-only links

  2. Root folder opens when closing a file from the 'Shared with me' folder

  3. Google Drive: Drawing thumbnails are not generated for drawings shared by the company

  4. *Manage Versions* Versions are getting downloaded with name as random id numbers

  5. Unable to attach the same image second time as picture recording

  6. Move option is not available for the owner of the shared file in Hancom storage

  7. Unable to open a drawing of Hancom storage from email notification in ARES Kudo

  8. ARES Kudo Drive: Thumbnails are not generated for sample files in Recent files

  9. 'Close suggestion list' dialog does not close by escape

  10. Email notification is not received on removing the title of a comment thread

  11. Complex dwg file is getting reload with zoom in/out use.

  12. *IMPORTDGN* DGN files of a subfolder are also processed for conversion when the parent folder is selected for batch processing

  13. *ImportDGN* DGN files do not get selected when clicked on the child row under the batch processing section

  14. When you draw the circle in drawing for Hancom staging another circle appears in the drawing

  15. Print to PDF permission does not update instantly for view-only links

  16. Stamps are disappeared after rebuilding and switching between sheet and model space

  17. The play button remains grayed out even after voice recording is completely played

  18. Text is misaligned in the filter and sort button flyout of the comment panel

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