Activation / Licensing Log

For the investigation of Licensing issues, one piece of information that is extremely valuable are the logs of the process.

In order to obtain more information about the process and potential causes of the issue, the Support Team may ask you to provide these logs.

To generate/obtain these logs, please perform the steps below:

- Launch ARES Commander.

- In the ARES Commander command line, Type DEBUGMODE2, and press Enter.

- In the following prompt, Type 0x800, and press Enter.

- Close ARES Commander.

- Launch ARES Commander.

The change done to the variable will generate Log files in your Documents folder when you launch ARES Commander (two files are generated: name ac-license-logfile-XXXXXX.log, and ac-reprise-logfile-XXXXXXX.log). Please generate/obtain these logs and send them to the Support Team if/when required.

(valid for ARES Commander versions SP1 2021.1.1.2204 and later)

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