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Build No. (SP2.1) - Release 05/10/2021

BIM: Crash on changing annotation scale after "Reload from" (DESKTOP-124054).
BIM: Model is not updated after replacing using "Reload from..." and active filters (DESKTOP-123363).
DWGSTANDARD: Drawing can't be saved after check drawing Standards (DESKTOP-123466).
DYNAMIC BLOCKS: Change attribute values were not working (DESKTOP-122876).
DYNAMIC BLOCKS: Not display correct the properties table (DESKTOP-122875).
EXPORT: Export as CDR/DES file formats is not available on the menu (DESKTOP-124580).
HATCH: Crashed when stretching a gradient hatch (DESKTOP-123642).
HELP: Help does not open from palettes and dialogs in some languages (DESKTOP-123409).
LISP: getcorner function performance improvement (DESKTOP-121142).
PRINT: Selected paper size not corresponding to what was saved on page layout.(DESKTOP-124256).
XREF: Crash when reloading the missing reference drawing (DESKTOP-121336).

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