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ARES Commander 2022 SP3.1 Release Notes
ARES Commander 2022 SP3.1 Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2022 SP3.1, Service Pack 3.1, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
Updated over a week ago

Build No. (SP3.1) - Release 25/01/2022


BIM: Cannot specify the section depth correctly when ortho is switched ON. (DESKTOP-95528)

BIM: New functionality to restore view title. (DESKTOP-127073)

BIM: Section command does not work well with non-standard UCS. (DESKTOP-127281)

COPY: Improved performance for copy and paste operation in some conditions. (DESKTOP-127542)

DCL: Crash related to nested DCL dialogs. (DESKTOP-126791)

LAYERS: Application crashed when the current layer is ADSK_CONSTRAINTS. (DESKTOP-127479)

LINETYPE: Fixed multiple crashes related to linetype entities. (DESKTOP-127312)

LISP: Improve getenv and setenv function to have access to the QNEWTEMPLATE variable. (DESKTOP-127013)

LISP: Visual LISP reator was not working properly. (DESKTOP-126274)

LISP: vl-exit-with-value function didn't work properly. (DESKTOP-127825)

PALETTE: Palette position is not restored to primary after unplugging the secondary display. (DESKTOP-118021)

PALETTE: The custom palettes content wasn't scale correct. (DESKTOP-124856)

PASTE: Improved feedback to users on time consuming operations. (DESKTOP-127696)

PRINT: Drawing was cut off for some paper sizes in inches. (DESKTOP-129098)

PRINT: Japanese vertical characters were displayed horizontally on print and preview. (DESKTOP-128860)

QINPUT: Lost the input value when press Tab key. (DESKTOP-127163)

RIBBON: Fixed conversion from CUIX for buttons that have some kinds of LISP expressions. (DESKTOP-127086)

RIBBON: Improved the button alignment when importing CUIX files. (DESKTOP-129479)

ROTATE: Application crashes when cursor moves to end point while ROTATE command is running. (DESKTOP-127897)

SHOWSTARTPAGE: Some message on the dialog wasn't translated to Japanese. (DESKTOP-127215)

TEXT: Text notes were displayed in the wrong position. (DESKTOP-126375)

ZOOM: Some entities disappear depending on linetype. (DESKTOP-127291)

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