ARES Commander 2023 SP1 Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2023 SP1, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
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Build No. (SP1) - Released 07/06/2022

Below you can find the main fixes and new improvements on ARES Commander 2023 SP1:

  • Open and Save:

    • Improvements to open files with specific Architectural entities.

    • The RECOVER command was improved to make possible display entities in a specific drawing.

    • Fixed crash when closing all documents.

  • Print, export and sheets:

    • The BATCHPRINT received improvements to print specific files, fixed the issues that shitfed to left print output, don't print transparencies when set on page layout selected.

    • Fixed the issue on Sheet Set Manager where the stamp wasn't printed on the "Publish" function.

    • Viewports created on other dwg editors are displayed on the wrong scale.

  • Geometry draw or modification:

    • New command MEASUREGEOMETRY available.

    • When Move or Copy entities unwanted circles are displayed.

    • Application hangs using Shift Key to unselect entities on TRIM command.

    • Command ALIGN doesn't provide the right result in some scenarios.

    • Application closes when the hatch command starts with a mouse over a XLine.

    • Entities with constraints crash the application on command ARRAY.

  • Blocks and Data extraction:

    • The -INSERT command was always replacing the block when used in a LISP expression.

    • It was not possible to extract attributes from blocks with multileader.

    • Field text does not follow the height defined in active text style.

  • Annotations:

    • Application crash on modify "Overall Scale" on Multileaders.

    • Cell Table height increases when editing cells with date type.

    • Extra decimals displayed in the cell that sum values from other cells.

    • The cell format is changed when copy/paste the table in another drawing.

  • Graphics System:

    • Closed polylines with global width do not display correct join.

    • Drawing parts wasn't correctly displayed in the shade move.

    • The spline entities were incorrectly displayed with LINEWEIGHT turn-on.

    • Some entities disappear according to the zoom and pan.

  • User Interface:

    • In some cases the input box is not near the current mouse position.

    • The workspace names weren't translated on save workspace dialog.

    • Window selection with shift key is not working.

  • BIM Features:

    • This release supports import Rooms created on Revit models.

    • The Import process was improved to increase performance and support IFC and Revit that had some problems to be imported on previous releases, the same improvements are valid for the "Reload" function.

    • Refresh functions were fixed to preserve filters and current view on BIM Drawings, other wrong behavior fixed on after refresh was displayed again some dimension chains deleted.

    • BIM Drawings was improved to display walls with round shape and for now on should only allow unique names.

    • The issue with editing the "Properties" tab on Dimension Style when accessed via the "Edit Dimension Style" button was fixed.

  • Cloud and Commenting:

    • If the application crashes with a file opened from cloud storage the next time file is opened as read-only.


  • API and Customization:

    • LISP Function tblobjname fixed.

    • Plug-In inherited from IExtensionApplication display message unresolved assemblies.

  • Help improvements:

    • Fixed Japanese translations for some topics (i.e. filletedges, editsolid, loft).

    • Shortcut Ctrl+4 for SSM is not present on "Keyboard Shortcuts".

    • The topic about "Additional format" from Fields was improved to reflect the current UI.

  • Application stability improvements:

    On this release many areas was improved to avoid unexpected behaviors that lead on close the application, below a summary:

    • Match Properties

    • Mass Properties (ACIS)

    • DataLink

    • BIM features: to import models or create 2D drawings

    • Cloud Storage and Commenting

    • Print out and Print preview

    • Viewport with Annotation scales

    • General issues on Graphics Area as rendering, cursor handling or caching

    • UI: Dimension Style and Color boxes

    If you are facing issues that are crashing the application, please use the Crash Report tool to let us know about and if possible it's always good write on comments steps to reproduce the problem.

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