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Network License Manager Communication Ports
Network License Manager Communication Ports

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What are the License Manager communication ports are a frequent question, be it for network communication management or for traffic monitoring or for security reasons.

In general, ports 5053, 5054, 2600, 2700 have to be free.

The NLM uses the 4 ports below, you may want to try to open the following incoming ports for TCP in your firewall.

Host Server TCP/IP port 2700 (set via the license key - can be different, if multiple NLM servers are used. Set via NLM Options)

UDP/IP port 5053

Web server starting on port 5054

ISV server port 5000 --> Can be set under the NLM Options to use a fix port number. (See the image below).

In the web server UI you can also see the status port of the rlm: This should be also released, if it is different to 5054. (See the image below).

You can also see the current port setting in the License Server Log files in the start section.

[2023.03.01][10:48:22][03/01 10:47 (rlm) Web server starting on port 5054]

[2023.03.01][10:48:22][03/01 10:47 (rlm) Using TCP/IP port 2700]

[2023.03.01][10:48:22][03/01 10:47 (rlm) ... adding UDP/IP port 5053]

[2023.03.01][10:48:22][03/01 10:47 (rlm) Starting ISV server graebert on port 65365]

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