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There are several ways that we can use to open a new project. For example, if we drag a project file using the mouse into the graphics area, over the tabs, we can open a project. We will see below two ways to open the project.

To open a project through quick access toolbar...

  1. Click on the second button of the quick access toolbar;

    A dialog will be displayed to search for the project file on your computer.

  2. Search and select the desired project file on your computer;

Click to Open.

⚠️WARNING: The filter displayed on the search dialog will show .dwg files by default.

To open a project through Menu...

  1. Open ARES Electrical;

  2. Click on the upper left ARES Electrical icon button to display the Menu;

  3. Click Open...
    You can see that on the right panel it is possible to open recent documents.

  4. As the previous procedure, a dialog will be displayed to search the desired project file;

  5. Click on the file name;

  6. Click Open.

With an open project you can edit, create modifications and comeback to built it whenever it is necessary, also save and open it several times.

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