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We know that the ARES Electrical palettes are side windows, located on both sides of the graphics area, each one with its own specific function (Components, Wires, Pages, Layout, Project, etc…). In AE, most of the work is done using palettes. However, when we resize a palette, so that it becomes larger and its items can be viewed more clearly, we end up reducing our drawing area inversely proportional to what we increase in the palette.

With this in mind, it is possible to Auto Hide the palettes, so that it is possible to hide the palettes automatically after using it. This will make your monitor more dedicated to the drawing area, preventing you from having to zoom in a lot to be able to read/project.

Automatically hide palettes

  1. Go to the side Palette;

  2. On the upper corner, click at Auto-Hide On button.

If you work with two or more monitors, you can keep your palettes floating and position them wherever you want. It is very practical to use the palettes on a second monitor, while keeping the drawing area as a priority on the first monitor.

With these features it will be much easier to develop projects, as you will be working with the dedicated monitor just for the graphics area, which is really important.

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