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How to reset project wires numbering
How to reset project wires numbering

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This article will guide you to reset all wires numbers of a project developed in ARES Electrical.

Reset the wire numbering…

  1. Open the project with wires numbered in ARES Electrical;

  2. Make sure you are using Electrical workspace;

  3. Go to Draw Tab> click Find...

    💡TIP: You can either use the shortcut Ctrl+F to enable the “Find…” command  in the Draw Tab.

  4. The Find and replace dialog is displayed;

  5. Click in the "Advanced" button in the inner left corner of the Find and replace dialog;

  6. Set the Advanced dialog options as image below;

  7. Click OK, then Find;

  8. Click Replace so all the project wire numbers will be removed. When you access the Project palette, you will realize that all wires have their numbers removed, as image below;

  9. Close the Find and replace dialog.

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