Wiring list in .xls format.

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When a AE project is developed, several times it is needed to export information and share external files, for instance PDF, xls, txt, etc... It’s also possible to export some project reports (Bill of Materials, Wires list, Cables list).

In this article, we will teach you how to export the From-To Wires List in xls format.

How to export Wires list...

  1. With your project opened, go to Reports Tab;

  2. The Export Dialog is opened;

    You can use predefined configurations, save new ones or just adjust and define new settings to export.

    In the advanced button, you can select the fields and properties that should be exported.

  3. Select Wires to be exported, the format file and output file path;
    In the Options, you can also define a template file.

  4. Click to Export.

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