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How to Add and Manage Licenses and Devices in ARES Commander 2017
How to Add and Manage Licenses and Devices in ARES Commander 2017

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The Graebert Customer Portal can be opened via:

Here you can add your purchased permission key of ARES Commander 2017(or later) to your Graebert licensing account.  You have to open Product-->My Products.

First the permission key is only added to the Graebert Customer Portal. Now you have to login to your account in the startup dialog to get the activated license for your computer.


1) If you have still a valid subscription for ARES Commander 2016 (Annual Plan or Perpetual) then your license is already migrated to ARES Commander 2017 and you only have to login via the startup dialog of the application.

2) A new subscription will be added to the existing rest subscription automatically, when you add your new permission key to the customer portal.

3) If you have an organization and a permission key with multiple licenses (permissions) then you have to create an organization first and add the permission key under Organization >>Products. Only under the Organization tab you can assign multiple permission to different users in your company.


Please click the link below to start the video:

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