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14. iOS/Android Insert Niche / Recess / Chimney
14. iOS/Android Insert Niche / Recess / Chimney

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Insert Niche / Recess / Chimney

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How to add a niche / recess / chimney.

Step 1: Choose Wall Slot.

Step 2: Select in the floor plan the corner of the wall from which you measure the chimney / niche.

Step 3: Select a type. To do this, click ^ to the right of the Niche text. Select the appropriate text for your selection.

Step 4: Depending on the selected type, measure the values with the laser in sequence and transfer the respective measured value from the laser to the corresponding input field with the Bluetooth key after each measurement. After each transfer, the next field is active.

โ€‹Here the example of a niche:

  1. Measure the Distance d1 from the outer edge of the niche to the wall corner.

  2. Measure the Opening width, clear inside dimension of the niche.

  3. Measure the Depth, niche depth.

  4. Measure the Opening height, OK niche to the floor.

  5. Measure the Sill height, lower edge niche to the floor. (usually 0)

NOTE: For a fireplace or recess, measure only the Distance d1, the Opening width and the Depth, since the height is equal to the room height.

Step 5: Add the measured niche or fireplace to your floor plan using the Blue check mark in the upper right corner.

Step 6: Exit the Measure niche/chimney command with the White cross in the upper right corner.

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