16. iOS/Android Insert Radiator

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Insert Radiator

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How to insert a radiator.

Step 1: Select Insert radiator.

Step 2: In the floor plan, select the wall corner from which you measure the heater.

Step 3: Measure the values with the laser in order and transfer the respective measured value from the laser to the corresponding input field with the Bluetooth key after each measurement. After each transfer, the next field is active.

  1. Measure the Distance d1.

  2. Measure the Width, for CARAT, WINNER, WinSoft incl. thermostat.

For KPS without thermostat and additionally use the input via the Thermostat field.

3. Measure the Depth, front edge to the wall, then the distance to the wall is 0.
4. Measure the Top height (top edge of the heater to the floor)
5. Measure the Floor height (lower edge of the heater to the floor)
6. If necessary, measure the distance to the wall. ONLY if you have measured the actual depth in Depth. ( HK in a niche = negative value of the niche depth).

7. Enter other important information about the radiator in the comment field;

e.g. Th. straight: VK 220.

OPTIONAL for KPS: Select the Thermostat tab to insert a thermostat.

Activate Radiators with thermostat.

  1. Select the Mount type.

2. Select the orientation of the thermostat when angled.

3. Measure the Valve length.
4. Measure the Fitting length.
5. Measure the Valve diameter.
6. Measure the Fitting diameter.
​Step 4: Add the measured radiator to your floor plan with the Blue Check mark in the upper right corner.

Step 5: Exit the Measure radiator command with the White Cross in the upper right corner.

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