New Functionality

  1. PathPattern: You can use the PathPattern command to create copies of specified entities along a path.
  2. IsolateEntities/ UnisolateEntities: Use the IsolateEntities command to isolate selected entities by hiding all other entities. Isolating entities can help when you need to edit complex geometry. To restore visibility, use the UnisolateEntities command
  3. Export: Now you can export the drawing to following file formats using the Export command with the help of Export dialog .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .sld, .stl
  4. Now you can On/Off/On the Snap, Grid, Ortho, Polar, E-track, Esnap etc.. via Functional keys combination with shift or any other key. Shift + F3 = ESNAP, Shift + F7 = GRID, SHift + F8 = ORTHO, Shift + F10 = POLAR, Shift + F11 = ETRACK


  1. In "Note", justify option is not working as expected
  2. Xref UI: "Loading" string populates and stuck when scrolling down a crowded Xref list
  3. WebDAV: Documents from WebDAV account doesn't reflect in SEARCH page
  4. Edge highlight is missing when selecting/hovering a 3D entity
  5. Multiple row selection is not working in Layer
  6. Select all' remains activated in Print to PDF dialog when no layout is activated for the Japanese language
  7. Multiple user interactions are required to deselect an entity when the focus is on any dialog
  8. The contextual menu for command suggestion list is not translated into the Japanese language
  9. 'Close suggestion list' dialog does not have strings translated in the Japanese language
  10. Panel flyout on the status bar is broken in Edge
  11. Unable to fetch editing session from commander through the view-only link in a single attempt
  12. 'Get the editor rights' button should not be shown on view only link when other users have an active editing session
  13. Unnecessary highlighting of entities when clicking on them and expand properties panel - view-only mode
  14. Wrong representation of values in table dialog when the drawing unit is set to "Architectural"
  15. Hatch is not rendered correctly on changing view in the drawing
  16. The hatch pattern preview should be consistent when moving on GA
  17. Unable to enter text in the table by activating the cell
  18. Make markup independent of 0 layer
  19. The stamps placed in Model space is flashing in Sheet space when switching the sheets
  20. There is no focus on GA while inserting a stamp
  21. Zoom icon is not visible on GA
  22. Performance lags for dimension tracker when markups attached in a drawing
  23. Entering double space in the comment is converted into a question mark
  24. The graphic area remains grayed out after attaching xrefs
  25. Scrolling is not continuous on the command window using the middle mouse button
  26. Umlauts in the text of the comments are not displayed correctly in ARES Kudo
  27. The comment thread is deleted even after canceling the deletion while creating a new thread
  28. Unable to select the table cell by clicking inside
  29. Multi-line description of picture recording in markup overlaps over each other
  30. Markups disappear from the graphic area on rebuilding a drawing
  31. The clipped viewport is displayed in the broken state on zooming
  32. GETPROPERTIES: The broken content display of text
  33. JUSTIFYTEXT does not change the text alignment
  34. Pan command is not working correctly

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