ARES Commander 2022 SP3 Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2022 SP3, Service Pack 3, Release Notes

Written by Rodrigo Leiria
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Build No. (SP3) - Release 18/11/2021


BIM: "Pack and Go" support package BIM project files. (DESKTOP-120165)

CLOUD STORAGE: Features that require saving on cloud ask user to do that when start the feature. (DESKTOP-91680)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Add support for Windows 11. (DESKTOP-125751)


BIM FILTERS: Filter field does not display the selected property value. (DESKTOP-123545)

BIM FILTERS: Increase dropbox width for filter values. (DESKTOP-123907)

BIM IMPORT: Reload process is not working for Revit files on MacOS build. (DESKTOP-125535)

BIM IMPORT: Visibility and Lock are changed after use reload operation. (DESKTOP-123881)

BIM: Crash when assigning custom discipline to a model. (DESKTOP-123196)

BIM: Display wrong message about drawing saved with earlier version in some situations. (DESKTOP-123214)

BIM: Material representation is adjusted accordingly BIMUNITLENGTH variable. (DESKTOP-125727)

BIM: New icon to show what drawings required refresh after modifications. (DESKTOP-124267)

BIM: Reload function is not working when it has more than one BIM model. (DESKTOP-126886)

BIM: Section creation doesn't work with orthomode turn-on. (DESKTOP-125979)

BIMDRAWING: BIM Dimensions are displayed in the wrong position after exporting the drawing. (DESKTOP-120001)

BIMDRAWING: View label is showing the drawing title instead sheet name. (DESKTOP-113476)

BIMDRAWING: View labels and callouts fields are not updated when copy the file by saveas. (DESKTOP-119987)

BIMLABEL: Labels are not placed at the correct position if the model is rotated. (DESKTOP-123471)

BIMLABEL: The custom grips were not working correctly. (DESKTOP-121243)

CLOUD STORAGE: Crash on zoom xref area when open the same file for a second time. (DESKTOP-122668)

CLOUD STORAGE: Does not ask to save the modified drawing on closing it when cloud storage connection is lost. (DESKTOP-104029)

CLOUD STORAGE: Random crash when open files in view-only mode. (DESKTOP-99940)

COMMANDS: Crash when click on graphical area after calling a non-suitable transparent command. (DESKTOP-94554)

COMMENT: Crash on logout after opening a file with a comment thread. (DESKTOP-125503)

COPYMULTIPLE: Crash when trying to window select entity in graphical system. (DESKTOP-113605)

FIELD: Fields are not visible in shade view mode. (DESKTOP-53236)

HELP: Not display images on Drawing Compare help topics in Asian languages. (DESKTOP-125492)

IMPORTDGN: Performance improved during import of specific DGN files (DESKTOP-107325)

LICENSE: All license dialog options are disabled under resolution 1600x900 and text size is 150%. (DESKTOP-107024)

LICENSE: License dialog shows wrong 32 days left for trial period when no internet connection available. (DESKTOP-109292)

LOADCUSTOMIZATION: Adjustments on load application order. (DESKTOP-126124)

MENULOAD: CUIX import process is missing some ribbonpanel tags. (DESKTOP-124578)

MERGELAYER: Fixed greying button after adding new merge of layers. (DESKTOP-109674)

OFFSETX: Application crashes when trying to create an offset of a block. (DESKTOP-100047)

PALETTE: Title bar goes out of the screen when active palette in "Auto-Hide" mode. (DESKTOP-110023)

PDF: Reduce PDF files size for some cases. (DESKTOP-120314)

PRINT: Geometry is shifted when the print ranges change from "All geometry" to "Sheet". (DESKTOP-125009)

SETUP: Alias path is not migrated from previous installation. (DESKTOP-76528)

SHEET SET: Crash if repeat "Sheet name". (DESKTOP-123183)

SHEET SET: Crash when run "Rename and Renumber" in a specific case (DESKTOP-115810)

SHEET SET: Crash when trying to renumber a sheet view. (DESKTOP-123224)

SHEETS: Crash on specific drawing switching between sheets. (DESKTOP-125678)

TABLE: Cell content reappears after delete. (DESKTOP-123645)

TABLE: Formulas are not applied correctly. (DESKTOP-123647)

UI: Application crashes sometimes when moving across monitors and they have different resolution and text size settings. (DESKTOP-111209)

UI: Dialog is broken when moving it from secondary to primary monitor and scale is different on two monitors. (DESKTOP-122670)

UI: The list of recently opened files no respect the limit, keep increasing. (DESKTOP-117229)

XTRATOOLS: Invalid selection for Xtratools commands if active command was not terminated. (DESKTOP-88457)

ZOOM: Zoom operation is not smooth when drawing a pline with text linetypes. (DESKTOP-121238)

ZOOM: Zoom operation is not smooth when the sheet has multiple viewports. (DESKTOP-121232)

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