Kudo release notes 1.155
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New Functionality

  1. Block library: All Block libraries are accessible from the Block Libraries palette. At any time, you can insert Blocks into your drawing. From the Block Library palette, you can:

    1. Access the Block Library Manager

    2. Display Blocks from a specified Block library

    3. Insert Blocks from the current Block library into the active drawing

    4. Delete Blocks from the existing Block library

    5. Search a Block in the existing Block library

    6. Control the display of Blocks in the Block Library palette.

  2. OPENREFERENCE command: You can Specify a Referenced drawing. Type Open Reference at the command prompt. The drawing opens in another drawing window. When you edit the drawing your modifications are reflected in the drawings which it is attached as a Reference.

  3. REDEFINEBASEPOINT command: Use the RedefineBasePoint command to set a new insertion base point for all instances of a Block. Another way to modify the base point of a Block is by using the EditBasePoint command in Component editing mode.


  1. It is allowed to rename multiple files at the same time

  2. Sharepoint - unable to save files by not an owner

  3. Fixed translation issue for the German language

  4. Conflicting versions of drawings are getting created when uploading/promoting a version in an open drawing in GDrive/Kudo drive

  5. The new menu separator style is not matching with the existing UI

  6. Dimstyle: Modified strings

  7. Layer rename mode is canceled when clicking inside the editor

  8. EDITSPLINE: Tracker disappeared after editing spline

  9. A conflicting file is created when 50 mins of timeout

  10. Loading error appears when opening drawings via a view-only link

  11. Conflicting file message is not displayed on the screen when the owner restricted access to the file

  12. The progress bar and cancel are not displayed when uploading files to the storage

  13. The Delete button is available for shared drawings

  14. Loading error when closing the dialog about a conflicting file

  15. Unable to save changes in drawings opened from shared drives - Google Drive

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