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Organization - License Activation and Assignment
Organization - License Activation and Assignment

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Organization - License Activation and Assignment

With the purchase (or renewal) of a product, you will be provided with a Permission Key that you will need to activate in the Graebert Customer Portal. If you have created an Organization, this must be done under the Organization/Admin Space of the Organization Administrator.

Note that Activating the Permission Key makes it available to the Members of the Organization, but the assignment of the license is not automatic: The license(s) must be assigned to the Member(s)/User(s) of the Organization.

Note: The exception here is for Flex Cloud Licenses, with which this process is required ONLY if you want to reserve licenses to specific users. For more information on Flex Cloud License related processes, please consult this article.

Organization - License Activation

1- Login to the Graebert Customer Portal:

2- Select the option Admin Space via the drop-down menu at the top right side of the page:

3- In the Admin Space, Go to Products. Insert the Permission Key received for your organization license and click Check Authorization Key.

4- Click Add product to my list. The name of the software product appears under Products, for example, ARES Commander.

Click the arrow next to the product name to expand product information, which includes start and expiration date, license type (PERPETUAL, ANNUAL, FLEX, etc.), serial number and permission key.

To assign/reserve Licenses to specific Users

1- In the Customer Portal, Click the option Admin Space via the drop-down menu at the top right side of the page, then Permissions.

2- Select the product to assign/reserve. Then the Version and Year (if applicable).

3- Click the Entitlement Serial Number.

4- Click the checkbox next to the username. Once assigned/reserved, the checkbox is shown as yellow. (To “release” a license and make it available to a different user, click the/a checkbox (assigned/shown in yellow), leaving the checkbox cleared).

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