Kudo release notes 1.161
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New Functionality

  1. Edit Component: Use the EditComponent command to edit individual Elements within referenced Blocks or drawings directly in the current drawing, changing the definition of Blocks or References.

    All instances of modified Blocks and References are updated in the drawing.

    Block insertions and attached References behave as single Elements in drawings. They are referred to as Components. You can move, copy, mirror, rotate, or scale Components, but the Elements that make up a Component are not accessible by default. The EditComponent command starts a Component editing session, also referred to as in-place editing. You can access and modify individual Elements of Blocks and References during a Component editing session. You can add to Components or remove Elements from them.

    Additionally, you can automatically include all nested Blocks in the Component editing session or specify the nested Block to edit in place.

    To finish the Component editing session, use the SaveComponent or CloseComponent commands.

  2. Search on the options dialog: Now, you can use the search to find the options from the option dialog

  3. Allow users to do manual trash. Added UI (button) for the same

  4. Allow users to download multiple files and folders


  1. LAYLOCKFADECTL is not updating in Kudo

  2. Folder icons does not update on sharing/unsharing

  3. A blue highlight is not shown under the model tab in the status bar

  4. No minimum width of a column is respected while resizing the column width in the layer dialog

  5. Unable to deselect an item by using ctrl or shift keys in Kudo files page

  6. *Block Attribute Manager* (BATTMAN): UI errors on the "Edit BlockAttribute Options".

  7. MULTILEADER: Block attribute values are automatically copied everywhere when doing Edit annotation

  8. MLEADER: Unable to edit a block attribute when ATTREQ value is set to 0

  9. Block Attribute Manager (BATTMAN): OK button overriding Sync button

  10. LayerState: Unable to export LAS file if the name is same as the existing dwg file

  11. Block Attribute Manager (BATTMAN): "Specify in graphical area" button doesn't work after deleting an attribute

  12. IMPORTPDF: Kudo crashes when closing the dialog

  13. Kudo got crashed when click on other 3D view of drawing in "Shaded View"

  14. Unable to update role for a shared file or folder from collaborator side - NextCloud

  15. LWDEFAULT system variable is not saved for the next session


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