What is ARES Electrical?

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ARES Electrical (AE)

ARES Electrical is a software for the development of electrical projects, which has several automations created to assist in the various stages of a project, especially speeding up repetitive processes.

How can AE help me build an electrical enclosure?

For the creation of an electrical project with automatic references, there is a component wizard. AE has a library with several representations already registered, ready to be inserted in a scheme.

The library register is completely customizable, and may contain automatic names, technical descriptions, functions, manufacturer and internal code. In addition, it is possible to register sub-circuits, that are, circuits that will integrate a larger project, such as a motor starter sub-circuit drawing, for example.

The AE also has features that automatically generate bill of materials lists used, cables/wires, terminals and tags, providing important information, avoiding manual errors and greatly speeding up the design process.

What do AE projects help me with when setting up a control panel?

The projects developed in the AE follow the assembly technician from the bill of materials lists and specification of the components, predicting the length of wires and size of the ducts, to the positioning of the components, the paths that the wires will travel and the connection between the items.

When assembling a control panel, there are several aspects to be considered, including safety and waste of wires and cables. With the wiring list generated in AE, we will know where the wire derives or connects, thus bringing a much smaller margin of error in circuit assembly digitally before put hands on. In addition, it is possible to customize an additional margin when calculating the length of the cables, avoiding cable insufficiency.

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