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As you may know, ARES Electrical allow us to generate many types of reports and lists. These reports will be written based on all info you added to the project during the development phase. That’s why it’s so important to keep consistency information through each step of development. In this article, you will see more details about how to create a bill of materials.

📖INFO: There are several types of reports that can be generated by ARES Electrical: labels, cables, terminals and wires.

Generate Bill of Materials…

  1. Go to Reports Tab> Bill of Materials: Table...

  2. Select your Report desired Template;

  3. Click Open.

Notice that a new page group called “BILL OF MATERIALS” was created at the pages palette. By clicking twice at the page group or page, the bill of material will be displayed.

The standard bill of material's template will display component’s TAGs, Quantity, Description, Manufacturer's System Code, Manufacturer Name and Voltage/Current.

The bill of materials, as well as any other list, is fully customizable, that means you can add, edit or remove info accordingly to your needs.

💡TIP: When new components are added to the project after the bill of materials was generated, you simply need to generate it again to update the project report in the pages palette.

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