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ARES Electrical has tools for generating lists and reports that streamline the development of electrical projects and avoid several mistakes that may occur by manual and bureaucratic tasks. In addition as it is an automated process, we can configure one or several templates to suit our needs. However, if we only use one template for one kind of list (materials, for example) we can define and use it directly, instead of opening a window prompting which template user want to use.

Configure a default Report template…

  1. Go to Manage Tab;

  2. Electrical settings...;

  3. Through the Project section, go to Reports;

  4. Choose which Reports will use a Default template to be generated;

  5. Set the "Use default..." option to "Yes" to the chosen ones;

  6. Now select the template to be used.

  7. Now when Reports are generated in Reports Tab they don't prompt anymore about the report template, they are generated automatically with the rule set in the Electrical settings.

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