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ARES Commander 2022 SP1.1 ( Release Notes
ARES Commander 2022 SP1.1 ( Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2022 SP1, Service Pack 1, Release Notes

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Build No. (SP1.1) - Release 14/07/2021


1. The text position of text justify Middle is wrong. (DESKTOP-117382)

2. Some colors are recognized as <<Invalid>> for CECOLOR command.(DESKTOP-114779)

3. Lineweight for lines and note is thick when the drawing file is printed out using Adobe PDF or DocuWorks.(DESKTOP-114689)

4. PRINT: Rendered geometry in viewport is stretched on output when print with system printer. (DESKTOP-112152)

5. PRINT: Geometry in viewports is missing on output when print with system printer (like "Microsoft print to PDF"). (DESKTOP-112151)

Build No. (SP1) - Release 26/05/2021


  1. FILLET command: Functionality added to fillet spline entity with line and ellipse.(DESKTOP-43045; DESKTOP-106926)

  2. SPLINEDIT command: Join option is added to combine spline with other entities. (DESKTOP-103474)

  3. SHOWSTARTPAGE: The status message about License Type and Subscription Expiration Date is improved. (DESKTOP-91169)

  4. CLOUDSTORAGE: Password protection assistance added for View only dwg sharing option in ARES Commander.(DESKTOP-91457)

  5. UI Scaling adjustment improved when move the application on a screen with lower scaling.(DESKTOP-106657; DESKTOP-106658)

  6. The cursor display issue with some unwanted objects on specific system is fixed.(DESKTOP-52520)

  7. FIND command: Functionality to find and replace the text in block attribute value improved.(DESKTOP-103560)

  8. ATTACHIMAGE command: The insertion size of Tiff images improved.(DESKTOP-87025)

  9. PRINT to DWF: Printing of drawings with print range “Window” option improved.(DESKTOP-109050)

  10. FIELD command: The display and printing of PlotDate field is improved.(DESKTOP-109036)

  11. The performance issue of cursor movement on complex 3D drawings is fixed.(DESKTOP-107319)

  12. Custom Blocks: fixed issue that hide stretch grip after change visibility (DESKTOP-110808)

  13. CLIPIMAGEM command: restore image frame when deleted (DESKTOP-110289)

  14. Performance improvement to switch between sheet tabs (DESKTOP-110007)

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