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As you may know, ARES Electrical allow us to generate many types of reports and lists. These reports will be written based on all info you added to the project during the development phase. That’s why it’s so important to keep consistency information through each step of development. In this article, you will see more details about how to create a list of wires, also known as From-To list due to the relation of component connections established and displayed by it.

📖INFO: There are several types of reports that can be generated by ARES Electrical: labels, cables, terminals and wires.

What is a FROM-TO list?

The FROM-TO list will point which components are connected to the wire's ends, segment by segment. This list will allow us to see the wire number and the style of the wire, indicating the name/terminal of the component connected to the wire's ends, pointing the region/place name of the origin and destination components, accordingly to the Mechanical Layout (this reveals another role to the project regions/places). It will even give us info about the length of the wires that shall be provided by the Wire Routing tool.

  1. Go to Reports tab > Wire List: Table...;

  2. Select the template file IEC - FROMTO-DEPARA.grw;

  3. Click in “Open”.

A group called “WIRES LIST” was generated. This list will be a little bit bigger than the others, due to it having to display all the named wire segments used throughout the project.

Our list shall look like this:

📖INFO: During the project development there are several times when we must use derivations, that means two wires being part of the same potential, as shown here:

To create the FROM-TO information of the wire 1, for example, AE takes in consideration the closest components placed in the Mechanical Layout drawings, in other words, the logical order of wire connections will follow component proximity at the mechanical layout representation. However, if the mechanical layout has defined region, the application will prioritize the components inside the perimeter of the same region, followed by proximity.

💡TIP: To generate FROM-TO list, ARES Electrical uses component proximity at the mechanical layout drawing. But, at first, takes in consideration the components of the same region.

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