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It is possible to define from which number the pages of a pre-defined group of pages will start. This way, we are able to separate and organize all the project pages, for instance, display the control diagram pages always before than the power diagram ones.

Update Page numbers with range automatically…

  1. Go to the Manage Tab> Page groups...
    If it prompts to you unlock the changes, use the following credentials:
    User: Admin

  2. Select to edit an existing page group;

  3. Select the desired Page group; You can select more than one;

  4. Change the value of the "Initialize in", "1" by default;

  5. Click Next until the last step and then Finish to close the dialog.

Well Done, the inserted pages belonging to the edited group will start numbering pages based on the numbering rule established in the Page groups Wizard previously.

If the page numbering reaches the value belonging to a pre-existing group in the project, the page group will continue numbering from the next available number.

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